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It's difficult to say what, exactly, makes people get so angry sometimes. With most of the reviews and columns below, people got mad because they disagreed with something I said. That seems reasonable; differences of opinion often happen in the media. But to actually sit down and write an angry, volatile, hate-filled letter -- that's beyond ordinary. It takes a special, unique kind of individual to go to that kind of trouble over something as simple difference of opinion. Fortunately, such passionate letters are often very stupid and incoherent, and it's fun for the rest of us to make fun of them. So read these reviews and columns, and then read the things that some people manage to get upset over. I think you'll be amazed at the sort of people we share a gene pool with.

Theater Reviews
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Payson Community Theatre 08/30/1997
The Storm Testament The Villa Playhouse Theatre 10/03/1997
A Tuna Christmas Provo Theatre Company 11/29/1997
Erasmus Montanus BYU 05/21/1998
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Provo Theatre Company 06/21/1998
Comedy of Errors SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre 07/17/1998
The King and I Hale Center Theater Orem 04/09/1999
Star Child The Valentine Theatre 04/19/1999
Carousel The Grand Theatre 06/04/1999
The Music Man SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre 07/14/1999
George Washington Slept Here Hale Center Theater Orem 07/16/1999
PROPHET SCERA Showhouse 09/12/1999
Steel Magnolias The Villa Playhouse Theatre (Little Brown Theatre) 02/18/2000
The Sound of Music SCERA Showhouse 02/25/2000
Fiddler on the Roof The Villa Playhouse Theatre 06/02/2000
Robin Hood: The Musical The Franciscan Center 08/16/2000
Beyond Karaoke SCERA Showhouse 11/10/2000
Richard III BYU 03/23/2001
I Came to Your Wedding Hale Center Theater Orem 05/25/2001
Bundle of Trouble Hale Centre Theatre West Valley 06/29/2001
Funny Girl Sundance Theatre 07/06/2001
The Music Man The Villa Playhouse Theatre 08/31/2001
The Mikado SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre 08/18/2002
Almost Perfect UVSC 11/08/2002
Snide Remarks
7 A Visit to a Psychic Hotline Eric calls psychic hotlines to ask dumb questions 09/08/1997
12 The Homecoming Horror My freshman homecoming experience 10/17/1997
14 The Reason for the Season Halloween and lousy candy-givers 10/27/1997
16 Letter to the Editor A parody of all Daily Universe letters to the editor 11/10/1997
21 Police Beat -- Beaten Parody of Daily Universe feature "Police Beat" 12/08/1997
22 Pedro's Christmas Vacation Account of my drive to California, with a stop in Las Vegas. 01/12/1998
24 I've Been Weight Lifting for a Girl Like You Lifting weights to get in shape 01/26/1998
25 Shutteth Up! People talking in the theater 02/02/1998
26 Clash of the Titanic A shortened version of the movie 02/09/1998
28 Socially Stupid Social theories about stupid people 02/17/1998
32 Nobody's American Except Me Two conspiracy-theory letters to the editor 03/23/1998
36 Michael McLame Performing at a Michael McLean concert 04/29/1998
37 Guns Don't Kill People ... Oh, Wait, Yes They Do Gun-control issues in Utah 05/06/1998
40 Immersed in Baptists The Baptist convention, and anti-Mormon literature 05/27/1998
43 A Freshman's Guide to BYU Everything new students REALLY need to know 08/27/1998
47 Springer? I Darn Near Killed 'er! "The Jerry Springer Show" is good for America, and other outrageous claims 09/28/1998
48 Oh My Heck, It's Another Conference Diary The fourth semiannual minute-by-minute account of the LDS general conference 10/05/1998
49 Irreconcilable Differences A questionnaire that should be used to weed out undesirable roommates 10/12/1998
50 How to be a Gooder Speechist How to give a good sacrament meeting talk 10/19/1998
54 Put Your Voter to the Wheel Voter apathy, and why I might run for office 11/10/1998
56 Notice Me! More people who take up too much social space 11/23/1998
60 Season's Bleatings Christmastime dilemmas 01/11/1999
66 Vent-Fest '99 I get a few things off my chest about old people talking during plays 04/16/1999
69 Education Weak Some lesser-known Education Week classes 08/20/1999
76 Pickin' Flicks A wrap-up of all the summer blockbusters 10/08/1999
77 That Run-Down Feeling Hitting BYU students with cars 10/15/1999
79 Ad Nauseum A proposed new law regarding TV advertising 10/29/1999
81 Oh, Deer Eric ponders hunting 11/12/1999
85 The Shame Companies Diamond stores and failed engagements 12/10/1999
89 Wyoming2K New Year's Eve in Wyoming 01/07/2000
91 A Keane Sense of Humor How to make "Family Circus" funnier 01/21/2000
94 Why?oming Eric re-visits the subject of Evanston, Wyo., thanks to the many letters he got from the last time 02/11/2000
104 Dr. Backcracker Eric visits a chiropractor 04/21/2000
107 Hyst-Eric-tomy A special Mother's Day column, unlike any you've ever seen before 05/12/2000
108 Badvertising Some advertising tactics that I don't get 05/19/2000
111 Treatise on White Trash Eric finally addresses the subject 06/09/2000
112 The Tragedy of Village Inn A play in three acts by Eric D. Snider 06/16/2000
117 Born on the 24th of July Pioneer Day in Utah 07/21/2000
118 Pukemon Why the new "Pokemon" film is evil 07/28/2000
120 Big Bad Guru Daddies The pretentious Guru's restaurant 08/11/2000
123 Manic Hyundai Registering my car 09/01/2000
126 UVSC What I Mean? The "True Wolverine" event at UVSC 09/22/2000
137 Hymns for Him Christmas and other hymns that LDS Mormons sing 12/01/2000
140 TRAX Is for Kids The 2nd Annual TRAX Extravaganza 12/22/2000
147 Without a Hitch Love and marriage at BYU 02/09/2001
152 There's a Placenta for Us Henna 'n' Placenta 03/09/2001
153 A Tiffany Epiphany Tiffany performs at BYU 03/14/2001
159 Girls on Film Date movies and chick flicks 04/04/2001
175 Ask Eric Stuff 3 People continue to ask Eric stuff 05/30/2001
185 Balloon Fest 2001 A hot-air balloon ride 07/04/2001
187 Breast in Show Victoria's Secret 07/11/2001
195 It's All True Bits of trivia I made up 08/08/2001
201 Winning the Pews How to boost church attendance 08/29/2001
204 I PETA the Fool People for the Ethical Treatment of Fake Animals 09/07/2001
207 Checking It out The new Provo library 09/21/2001
211 Let's Mecca Deal Why we shouldn't kill Muslims 10/05/2001
232 Comfy KOSY Are We Too much Christmas spirit 12/12/2001
234 2,001 Angry Letters A wrap-up of the year's hate mail 12/19/2001
239 Barking up the Wrong Triage Hospitals are fun 01/09/2002
242 Sundance Report: The Ten Commandments How to make a Sundance movie 01/15/2002
246 Towed You So Tow-truck drivers are idiots, part 1 01/23/2002
249 The U.N. Column People who are afraid of the U.N. 02/01/2002
255 Olympics Report: Women's Hockey Is Finnished Chick hockey! 02/13/2002
256 Olympics Report: Canadian Beggin' The figure skating controversy 02/14/2002
257 Olympics Report: A Sorry State of Affairs I humbly apologize 02/15/2002
261 Olympics Report: There Is Nothing Like a Dane Breakfast with the Danish 02/20/2002
272 French Stench Stinky Fat Black French Girl 03/27/2002
295 The Stupid Agenda Just keep 'em away from me 06/14/2002
301 Butt Seriously, Folks The Toby Keith profanity controversy 07/05/2002
304 Ann Landers' Final Column Ann Landers' final column 07/17/2002
308 The Best Friends Home teaching 07/31/2002
310 UVS-Legitima-C UVSC's athletic program advances 08/07/2002
334 An Embarrassment of Richard's A controversy at Deseret Book 11/24/2002
342 The Nayme Gaimme Silly names that people give their kids 01/19/2003
343 Shore Enough An encounter with Pauly Shore 01/26/2003
348 Fear and Loathing in Utah Valley The bashing of foreigners 03/02/2003
360 No Pirate Be I Crackdown on movie piracy 06/08/2003
367 Trailer Park Movie trailers 07/27/2003
368 Battening down the Hatch A proposed change to the Constitution 08/03/2003
413 Must-Not-See TV People were upset that ABC showed 'Saving Private Ryan' 11/22/2004
440 Art Failure Salt Lake arts are suffering 04/21/2005
544 Getting Tested Eric finally gets an Oregon driver's license 06/11/2007
567 War Is Hell (at the Box Office) How to make a war movie that people will want to see 12/17/2007
The Daily Herald (early years)
1 Fourth Floor Fun Dorm goings-on 10/03/1992
4 Mullbuffoons Expensive homecoming dinner 10/24/1992
5 Political Comment-Hater Who to vote for in the '92 election 10/31/1992
18 Money Problems: What Elks Is New? Housing payment problems 02/06/1993
33 Bateman & Robbing Getting stiffed on a tip by Merrill J. Bateman 06/19/1997
The Lake Elsinore News
23 Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus. I Think The intangible joys of Christmas 12/19/1990
37 The East Coast Jokes are Hip School trip to D.C. and New York City 05/01/1991
66 A Heavy Subject Fat people 12/11/1991
70 Why Theater Sucks Categories of theater 01/15/1992
83 I Have No Class Summary of first semester BYU classes 09/23/1992

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