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SXSW Q and A

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Several people posted questions in the comments on my South by Southwest diaries last week, so I thought I’d answer them here. I don’t usually answer questions posted in the comments, because then I get involved in conversations and spend 10 hours a day on my own site. If you have a question you actually want an answer to, it’s always best to just e-mail me.

But since some of these may be of general interest, here they are, all in one stack.

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Friday movie roundup – March 23

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

As someone who likes being on top of things and having work done on time and converting the chaos around me into neat, manageable boxes, I am very frustrated at how things developed this week. There are SIX new films opening in wide release today — the usual number is about three — and I only have a review of one of them.

But it’s not entirely my fault! “The Hills Have Eyes II” didn’t screen for critics, no doubt due to it being sucky. “Shooter” screened, but while I was out of town (and the same night as “Premonition,” so even if I’d been here, I couldn’t have seen them both). “TMNT” and “The Last Mimzy” both screened last weekend, when I was still traveling. And I don’t know what happened with “Pride.” Sort of fell through the cracks. That happens when there are six G.D. movies opening at the same time.

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