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Latest Dutchergate news: Richard Dutcher issues Official Declaration 2

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

With all of pop-culture-savvy Mormondom (that’s about 50 people) abuzz over news of filmmaker Richard Dutcher’s announcement that he has left both the Mormon cinema movement and the Mormon church, it was only a matter of time before the man himself stepped forward to offer some clarifications. And now he has done so, not by writing another commentary in the Daily Herald, but by posting a comment on a blog. (See, mainstream media? Blogs ARE important!)

The site is By Common Consent, and it’s a smart, Mormon-faithful group of thoughtful writers. One of them, Taryn Nelson-Seawright, wrote a stirring essay about Dutcher’s work, prompting a lively Dutchergate discussion. Then Dutcher himself piped up. His comment is #77, and this link should take you directly to it.

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Humorous cereal: the gift that keeps on giving

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Today the mailman brought me a package postmarked Orem, Utah. I know plenty of people there, but the name and address were unfamiliar. Was this the mail bomb I’ve been expecting for so long?

I opened the package to find a lovely card addressed to me, and a beautiful gift bag. I read the card. It said, in part:

I loved your “Muckoo for Mocoa Muffs” column. Imagine my delight when, that very day, I walked into Harmon’s grocery store and saw the best-named fake Cheerios ever on the end-cap of one of the health food aisles. I bought a box, intending to send it to you, but I have a little procrastination problem and am only just getting around to it.

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‘Snide Remarks’ Classic: ‘A Bowl Full of Telly’

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007
Alt text

We’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of “Snide Remarks” with a forgotten column being spotlighted every Wednesday, and this week’s “Snide Remarks” Classic is short, goofy, and Christmas-themed! Reading it today will be like having Christmas in whatever month this is!

It’s #139, “A Bowl Full of Telly,” published in the Daily Herald on Dec. 15, 2000. It has a few Utah-specific jokes, all of which are explained in the post-column comments … which makes the comments run longer than the column itself. But never you mind! Read it, and get yourself into the holiday spirit! Ho ho ho!

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