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Friday movie roundup – June 8

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

There are three new wide releases this weekend, each catering to a different demographic. Find the movie that applies to you and win!

For grown-ups, there’s “Ocean’s Thirteen,” the third entry in the series of movies about celebrities who like to get together and make movies just for the hell of it. I gave it a B. In my memory, “Ocean’s Eleven” was a B+ while “Ocean’s Twelve” was a B-. Then I checked and found I gave them both B‘s. So that’s B’s across the board for the whole series, a straight 3.0 GPA. Good for them.

(By the way, it’s great to have Roger Ebert back on the job again, if only in a limited capacity. Here’s a typically great line from his lukewarm review of “Ocean’s Thirteen”: “I know full well I’m expected to Suspend My Disbelief. Unfortunately, my disbelief is very heavy, and during ‘Ocean’s Thirteen,’ the suspension cable snapped.”)

For children, there’s “Surf’s Up,” a good-enough animated film about a surfing competition for penguins. Why you would make a movie about a surfing competition for penguins, I don’t know. It’s very lovely to look at, though, and Napoleon Dynamite is in it.

And for 20-year-old boys, there’s “Hostel II,” the sequel to last year’s torture-porn hit I had mostly positive things to say about the first film, but I’m hearing the sequel is more unbearably gruesome. It wasn’t screened for critics, predictably, so the review is forthcoming.

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Thursday, June 7th, 2007
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Surely you lie awake some nights thinking, “I’ll bet requires time and money to operate, yet doesn’t bring in much time or money in return. Are there ways I can support the site and keep the ‘Snide Remarks,’ the movie reviews, and the entertaining blog alive and thriving?”

Rest your weary head, dear reader. There are many ways you can support the site!

– Buy stuff. We don’t have much of it left — the CDs are sold out, and so is the first “Snide Remarks” book — but there’s still some merchandise over at the merchandise page. It is reasonably priced and just as reasonably entertaining. Many other people have bought this merchandise and have gone on to lead healthy, productive lives.

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