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Some housekeeping items regarding the posting of comments

We love the fact that readers are able to post comments on the reviews, columns, and blog entries. It lets us know what you think about the issues addressed by the articles, and about the articles themselves. It also gives us a chance to laugh at how bad a lot of you are with spelling and grammar.

There are just a couple things I want to mention that perhaps you will keep in mind as you go about your comment-posting.

If someone posts something ridiculously illiterate or dumb — e.g., “OMG, the Covenant is teh best movie evar and u only don like it cuz ur jelous” — just let it go. In 99.9 percent of those cases, the idiocy of the comment is self-evident. We don’t need to have 10 comments immediately following it in which the person who wrote it — who probably is not even a regular visitor to this site and won’t see your responses anyway — is torn apart for being so bad with spelling and grammar. Yes, yes, we all weep for the future generation. We don’t need to say it every time.

Exception to the previous guideline: unless your response is really, really funny.

I don’t like to post comments on my own site. So please don’t make me. I do generally keep an eye on the comments, and I notice when people seem to be asking me a direct question. But do I post a comment to respond to the question? No, I usually do not. This is mainly because if I post a response, it might lead to a follow-up question, which leads to a discussion, which leads to me spending eight hours a day involved in conversations on my own website. How can I do that AND watch six hours of TV?

Also, I would rather the article — be it a movie review, a “Snide Remarks” column, or a blog entry — speak for itself. If I have something to add, I’ll write another article. If something needs to be corrected or clarified, I’ll take care of it. Beyond that, I don’t usually have anything else to say. If the story had an amusing epilogue, or if I had additional thoughts about the movie that were worth mentioning, I’d have included ’em.

So if you have a question you’d actually like me to answer, feel free to e-mail me. I’m usually pretty good about responding to e-mails. If it’s a question that I think would be of general interest, I’ll reply to it here on the blog (leaving you anonymous, of course). If you post it as a comment somewhere, you probably won’t get an answer.

No swearing or gratuitous vulgarity. My mother visits this site, for heaven’s sake! We don’t allow that kind of thing. If you say naughty words, we might edit your comment, or we might just delete it altogether. Usually the latter.

No spoilers, either, unless you mark them as such. Many people read movie reviews and other people’s comments without having seen the movie yet. So if you’re going to mention something spoiler-y, please say something like “SPOILER ALERT” beforehand, just to be safe.

– The most important rule: Don’t be a jackhole. If you disagree with another poster, or with me, that’s fine. Just don’t be a jerk about it. Maybe stop and ask yourself now and then: Is every single thing I post negative or sarcastic? Are people going to think I’m being forced at gunpoint to continually visit a site that I clearly don’t enjoy? If such is the case, maybe you should think about posting something pleasant now and then, just to break things up.

10 Responses to “Some housekeeping items regarding the posting of comments”

  1. shumwaysam Says:

    Maybe your comments are directed to me. . .my posts have tended to be somewhat sarcastic. But give me a break. . .your whole “career” is centered around mocking people and being sarcastic and such. Why get upset when others do it on your site?

  2. Jason Leslie Wright Says:

    Where did he say that you couldn’t be sarcastic? He instructed us not to be retarded or crude (don’t post anything you wouldn’t say to his mom…she reads this site). He also said not to direct questions at him…which you clearly just did. He did on the other hand tell you that you can post something if it is really, really funny…which is the point of most sarcastic remarks.

  3. Shumway Says:

    Where did I say that he said I couldn’t be sarcastic? I didn’t. My point is that its kind of ironic that he is asking people to “not be a jackhole” when he is clearly a jackhole to many of the people he writes about/mocks/disparages/etc etc etc. It sounds like what he means is “Don’t be a jackhole when referring to me and my writing, but otherwise its ok, especially when your disparaging remarks are really really funny. Then its ok.” Seems kind of lame.

  4. Jeff J. Snider Says:

    Where did I say that he said I couldn’t be sarcastic? I didn’t.

    your whole “career� is centered around mocking people and being sarcastic and such. Why get upset when others do it on your site?

    So yeah, you did.

    But I can assure you that if Eric’s post was directed at any one person, it certainly wasn’t you. And more to the point, I can assure you that his skin is plenty thick to take criticism. The point of that paragraph … you know what, I can’t even rephrase it any more clearly than he already wrote it. I recommend that you re-read that paragraph, trying your hardest to remove any preconceived notions beforehand, and take it at face value. I think you will find that most of what you got out of it the first time you read it was more in your head than anywhere else.

  5. Shumway Says:

    Fair enough.

  6. Shumway Says:

    I can see that paragraph wasn’t specifically directed at me, I grant you that. I’m not sure what preconceived notions you are talking about. I still think its ironic that he is asking people to be nice when he very often isn’t.

  7. David Says:

    Maybe you should read it a third time, Shumway, because you’re still not getting it. He didn’t tell people to be nice all the time. He said to be nice at least *some* of the time. He said if every single thing you say is negative, maybe you should vary it up occasionally, or else quit returning to the site if you don’t like anything about it. Even you would have to agree that Eric is nice *some* of the time, and that’s all he’s asking of the comment posters. In fact, Eric is probalby nice most of the time. If you think *all* he ever does is say critical, sarcastic, mocking things, then you must not have read very much of what he’s written. How about all the reviews that are glowing and positive? or the Snide Remarks articles that are just silly and funny and not critical of anything?

  8. Ian Says:

    My interpretation of that last paragraph was the same as David’s. Sarcastic some of the time = okay. Sarcastic all the time = not okay. Crystal clear.

  9. Zimm Says:

    Good call. We don’t want these to end up like YouTube comments, do we? Reading those is like witnessing a “monkey loose in a class full of retards.”

  10. Weezy Says:

    A coffee soaked monkey whose armpits taste like Coke Zero!!

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