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Friday movie roundup – June 29

Friday, June 29th, 2007
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‘Tis a busy midsummer week, as far as the movies go. (And how funny it is that June 29 — one week after the actual beginning of summer — is considered “midsummer” in movie terms.) Several high-profile films opening this week, and more in just a few days. So no dawdling!

“Ratatouille” is the latest film from the Pixar geniuses, and it’s almost as lovely and warm and funny a story as they’ve ever done. I recommend it to you in the strongest of terms.

I note, however, that it is not necessarily a children’s film. There’s nothing wrong with it for kids, and kids may well love it, as it is animated, and it does feature talking animals. But more than ever, this Pixar entry feels like a movie for grown-ups, with complex relationships and multiple interwoven themes. Maybe it’s one that kids and adults will love equally. I don’t care, because I’m not a kid, and I thought it was awesome.

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