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Eric is going to NYC! Does he have friends there??

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

This whole business of not taking trips to New York has gone on long enough! I am taking a trip to New York!

I will be in The NYC May 1-7, seeing shows and doing touristy things. It will be purely a vacation, no work or anything. The Tribeca Film Festival will end the weekend I arrive, but Tribeca: meh.

I would also like to meet up with old friends and acquaintances who now live there. My last visit was in 2003, and since then, it seems like I’ve frequently heard of someone I know moving to New York, and I would think, “Oh, I’ll have to be sure to look them up next time I’m there.” Well, now I’m going and … I can’t really remember who’s there. I mean, you lose track of people, you know? Plus there are probably people who have moved to NYC without me even hearing about it.

So are you an old friend or friendly acquaintance or college buddy or professional colleague of mine who now lives in the NYC area? Maybe you should get a hold of me so we can have lunch or something! I think that would be fun!

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