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Jeff Wells should be ashamed of himself

Friday, February 6th, 2009

There is a film blogger named Jeffrey Wells, whose site, Hollywood Elsewhere, is fairly well read within the industry. He’s not a film critic, per se, though he does often express his opinions about movies. Mostly he writes about the whole Hollywood business, everything from behind-the-scenes deals to ad campaigns to distribution strategies.

He was one of the people invited to appear on the panel about film criticism this morning at the Oxford Film Festival, and I was eager to meet him. Though we’ve been attending many of the same festivals for several years, I’d never actually talked to him, and I was curious to learn whether he was as much of a condescending, humorless curmudgeon as he seems in his blog. Maybe it was all an act, or maybe in person it would be funny and not off-putting. I’ve certainly been misinterpreted before, so I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions about him as a person.

Our introduction was affable enough, and we chatted briefly at the opening-night party. My impression was that maybe he plays the role of the ever-offended grouch online because it’s interesting and is perfectly reasonable in everyday life.

And then he refused to appear on the film criticism panel because he couldn’t get wifi in his hotel room.

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Friday movie roundup – Feb. 6

Friday, February 6th, 2009

I made it to Oxford, Miss., for the Oxford Film Festival yesterday afternoon, met by several of my movie critic friends and some of the nice people I met when I was here last year. It’s good to be back in Mississippi, where every dish at every restaurant comes with gravy!

Here are your movies this weekend:

The very best one is “Coraline,” a stop-motion animated horror fantasy from the director of “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” It’s loaded with imagination and spookiness. And it’s in 3D!

“The Pink Panther 2” (reviewed at Cinematical) is surprisingly not awful. Not quite “good,” either, but it’s a step up from the last one.

“Push,” about people with super powers fleeing a government agency, is oddly listless and not exciting. It’s even worse than “Heroes.”

And finally, “He’s Just Not That Into You” (reviewed at is exactly the checklist of clichés you thought it would be.

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