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July 6: Tweet-up in the park!

Next Tuesday, July 6, if you walk outside and find yourself in the general vicinity of Provo, Utah, cancel whatever you’re doing and come to Pioneer Park at 5:30 p.m. for the First (and Last) Annual Eric D. Snider Tweet-Up and Gathering of General Merriment for Friends and Strangers!

Strictly informal and casual. Nobody’s providing anything. No specific activities are planned, although I guess if someone brings a piano I’ll do a couple songs, just because it would be funny if someone actually brings a piano to the park. Bring your kids if you wanna. Bring food and beverages if you want to eat and drink. If you just want to sit around and mingle, then just bring your butt and your mingling hat.

Who is invited? Everyone! People who follow me on the Twitters! People who read stuff that I write! People I used to know but haven’t seen in forever! People I am friends with but never get a chance to see when I’m in town because I’m never there for very long and maybe I don’t have their phone numbers anymore! People who are entirely unfamiliar with me but found this announcement because they googled “provo park merriment”! Everyone is welcome, except for former employers!

Here is a summary of the pertinent info, in the manner of an invitation, so that you will think you have been specifically invited:

What: The First (and Last) Annual Eric D. Snider Tweet-Up and Gathering of General Merriment for Friends and Strangers

When: Tuesday, July 6, 5:30 p.m.-???? (“????” probably means like 8:00 or so.)

Where: Pioneer Park, 500 W. Center St., Provo, Utah

For whom: Anyone who wants to come hang out for a while, maybe eat some food (if they bring it themselves), say hello, enjoy the park, &c.

UPDATE: I can now confirm that a celebrity guest named Momma Snider will be in attendance! You will treat her with respect, unless your disrespect is especially funny.

22 Responses to “July 6: Tweet-up in the park!”

  1. Riley Says:

    I’ll be there!

  2. Rob D. Says:

    You need to post photos of this. You should photoshop them to make it seem like you got more than the expected number of guests (12).

  3. Sarah Clark Says:

    We’re so there. We’ll make half that 12.

  4. Rob D. Says:

    Even though I expect a low turnout, I still expect there to be a whole bunch of merriment. It’s just that it’s in UTAH. It should be in a park in Vegas where you will get hundreds (thousands?) of fans. Instead of food and drinks, we can bring strippers.

  5. Russ Says:

    But where’s that Twilight review! I want something to look down on and laugh heartily at.

    The best reviews are “popular” movies that are actually terrible. I love those!

  6. Russ Says:

    @Rob D:

    “I’m gonna go build my own tweet-up in the park! With blackjack… and hookers! In fact, forget the park!”

  7. Eric D. Snider Says:

    The best reviews are “popular” movies that are actually terrible.

    Why did you put “popular” in sarcastic quotation marks? The movies actually ARE popular — that’s why you don’t like them, remember?

  8. Russ Says:

    Sort of. I don’t not like stuff just because it’s mainstream, I’m not a “hipster.” I listen to hit music stations (and rock and NPR and oldies and classic rock stations), but only the songs that I think are good.

    When I put “popular” in quotation marks I guess I was thinking of mainstream movies that made a lot of money buy weren’t popular with ME. (The most important person in terms of judging the worth of a movie, clearly.)

    I was thinking of movies like Avatar, etc…

  9. momma snider Says:

    You say no one’s providing anything? I will be providing The Brownies, even if I don’t go.

  10. Casey Says:

    @momma snider, Please tell me that “The Brownies” is a black A Capella group.

  11. momma snider Says:

    No, but that will be the name of my next band: Black A Capella.

  12. Dave Says:

    Aww this sounds so fun! Wish I could be there to also partake in the merriment.

    Stupid merriment-free Iowa. :-/

  13. thelastairbender Says:

    Okay since you don’t let your “reviews” if that is really what you want to call them, be commented I will leave one on your lame blog. Okay as a reviewer you need to understand that at the end of the day a lot of people worked on this film and guess what you couldn’t do something better so make you the person that gets to tell the world this movie sucks or doesn’t suck. I think you need to do a bit more homework the next time you want to bash on a movie that has a large following community I can’t wait to see what others are going to do to you for your lame review. You told everyone there was no plot when you rattled the plot off. You said this was a bad movie when the graphic were amazing. Oh and for the record Avatar the last airbender came out way before “The Avatar”. Which btw “The Avatar” movie was horribly wrote and so unoriginal it is laughable. All I ask is you do your homework and grow few before you post a stupid post as you have done. I am sure you won’t have guts to keep this post up but at least you read it . Here is my last convincing word watch the series they are amazing.

  14. Eric D. Snider Says:

    I’m posting “thelastairbender’s” off-topic comment because I want to see how many mistakes we can find in it, without even getting into spelling and grammar. Here’s my “Last Airbender” review.

    1) I *do* allow for commenting on my reviews. I think this person is referring to, which also allows reviews but requires you to register first.

    2) I did *not* say there was no plot. I said nothing of the kind. Nothing even close.

    3) I did say it was a bad movie, and yes, some of the visuals are amazing. It is possible for a movie to have amazing visuals and still be bad. Also, I said in the review that some of the visuals were good.

    4) I didn’t say the movie “Avatar” came out before the “Airbender” TV show did. I said “Avatar” came out before the “Airbender” *movie* did.

    5) “Avatar” wasn’t “horribly wrote.” It was “horribly written.”

    6) Sorry, I said I wasn’t going to get into grammar, and then I did.

    7) I did indeed have the guts to keep this post up.

  15. Rob D. Says:

    thelastairbender must be high on Momma Snider’s special brownies.

  16. momma snider Says:

    Or he NEEDS some The Brownies.

    Seriously, though, the Tweet-Up will be fun!

  17. Dave Says:

    Okay, that clenches it. If we can all agree that the poster “thelastairbender” will attend, I WILL buy a plane ticket and attend the Teewt-Up.

    Most hilarious comment evAr. His last convincing word indeed.

  18. Ampersand Says:

    You forgot to point out thelastairbender’s use of two of our favorite logical fallacies when it comes to reviewing movies: first, that a lot of people worked hard on the movie so that somehow makes it immune to criticism, and second, that you as the reviewer haven’t made a movie, so what do you know about what makes a movie good?

  19. MikeTheSoundGuy Says:

    Man, I totally spaced this. Dangit! Grrrrr. No excuse, sorry.

  20. Pererau Says:

    “Please tell me that “The Brownies” is a black A Capella group.”


    * Literally Laugh Out Loud (as opposed to ostensibly laughing out loud, whilst in reality merely cracking a smile, and sometimes just displaying a bemused grin)

  21. John D Says:

    So . . . is thelastairbender a studio shill, some random nutjob who actually liked the movie, or M. Night himself? “Taking all bets! I also offer video poker.”

  22. momma snider Says:

    MiketheSoundGuy, I was hoping to see you!

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