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# Column Title Description Date
1 Chairman of the Bored Being bored at home 06/15/1993
2 The Bald and the Beautiful Why I shaved my head 06/29/1993
3 Fly the Deadly Skies Flying on airplanes 07/06/1993
4 The Mystery Unfolds Working at Millers Outpost 07/20/1993
5 Night of the Living Bus Trip Bus trip 07/28/1993
6 Ya Got Trouble, My Friends Local hangout, "Billiards" 08/03/1993
7 A Wrestled Development Wrestlers 08/17/1993
8 Jurassic Irk Annoying kids at the movies 08/24/1993
9 A Narrow (Baseball) Field of Vision Baseball diamond; no foresight 08/31/1993
10 Denny's from Heaven Discrimination at Denny's 09/08/1993
11 1-800-I-HATE-YOU Calling 1-800 customer service lines 09/14/1993
12 Poetic License to Kill Making fun of poetry 09/21/1993
13 Shirts and Certs Buying shirts; eating breath mints 09/28/1993
14 My So-Called Life Sitcom based on me 10/05/1993

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