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# Column Title Description Date Angry
6 Zit's Entertainment! "110 in the Shade"; snooty actors 11/07/1992 No Angry
10 A Saltin' Battery A medieval dinner 12/05/1992 No Angry
2 Athletic Non-Supporter BYU football 10/10/1992 No Angry
30 To Helena Handbasket Car trip to Montana 05/01/1993 No Angry
11 A Visit from St. Rex Christmas poem 12/19/1992 No Angry
12 America's Phoniest Home Videos Christmas TV specials 12/26/1992 No Angry
1 Fourth Floor Fun Dorm goings-on 10/03/1992 Angry
13 Phantom of the Basement Dorm guy who always watches TV 01/02/1993 No Angry
4 Mullbuffoons Expensive homecoming dinner 10/24/1992 Angry
21 Getting Shafted on a First Date Falling down a pit in the HFAC 02/27/1993 No Angry
24 D.I. Joe First date to Deseret Industries 03/20/1993 No Angry
14 Running Bare Friend runs naked to get in column 01/09/1993 No Angry
22 Fun, Fun, Fun, 'til Daddy Takes the Shampoo Away Fun games in the dorms 03/06/1993 No Angry
29 Garrens vs. Broadcast Sequence Board Garrens doing a TV show for BYU 04/24/1993 No Angry
33 Bateman & Robbing Getting stiffed on a tip by Merrill J. Bateman 06/19/1997 Angry
28 Why Hike Y? Try, Eric, Try Hiking Y mountain 04/17/1993 No Angry
16 Tanja the Hippo-squat-amus Hippo crushes babies 01/23/1993 No Angry
3 Much Adollar About Nothing Homecoming hoopla 10/17/1992 No Angry
18 Money Problems: What Elks Is New? Housing payment problems 02/06/1993 Angry
8 Fourth Floor Fun Part II Laughing, stealing doors in dorms 11/21/1992 No Angry
7 Beating Around the Bush Little kid's guide to Clinton 11/14/1992 No Angry
20 In Our Lovely Deseret Towers Minor annoyances in the dorms 02/20/1993 No Angry
19 The St. Valentine's Day Massacre My feelings on Valentine's Day 02/13/1993 No Angry
15 Sleepless in Lake Elsinore No place to sleep at home 01/16/1993 No Angry
17 No Comment Necessary Odd news items that speak for themselves 01/30/1993 No Angry
9 Poison Ivy and Cross-Dressers at BYU Poison ivy and cross dressers at BYU 11/28/1992 No Angry
23 Go Greyhound, and Leave the Irritating to Us Riding the bus to L.A. 03/13/1993 No Angry
32 Mel's Glib Son Seeing Mel Gibson movie on first date 05/15/1993 No Angry
25 Columnus Interruptus Trying to write despite constant interruptions 03/27/1993 No Angry
31 Mormon Man and the Dik-Dik Share Column Space Visit to a museum; desire to be superhero 05/08/1993 No Angry
26 Land Sharks Watching "Jaws" on the big screen 04/03/1993 No Angry
27 Funny Business in the Comics Section Weird events in the comic strips 04/10/1993 No Angry
5 Political Comment-Hater Who to vote for in the '92 election 10/31/1992 Angry

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