Eric D. Snider

Ben Treats

Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist - 405

Episode #33

"Ben Treats"

Season 4: 5/9/97 (preview of new season; first airing in proper sequence 7/20/97)

Ben wins $500 in the Sir Pay-a-Lot scratch-off lottery and takes Katz and Laura out to dinner. Ben and Laura get drunk and act goofy (Ben to Katz: "You have always bothered me"); Ben plays with his frog legs and constantly reminds everyone that he's paying. They all eat a ton, and the bill is well over $500. Laura is nicer than she's ever been when she's drunk, and she even seems a little attracted to Ben. Note: Ben tells Laura that $500 is 5,000,000 pennies, and she corrects him, saying it's only 500,000 pennies. They're both wrong, of course: it's 50,000.

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfuss: She's pregnant and on the phone with Katz, but has to keep running off to use the bathroom; she left her last two therapists because they fell asleep during sessions; her dry cleaner lost two pairs of maternity pants.
  • Jim Gaffigan: Came from Illinois, where the equivalent of the Mafia was the 4-H Club; people lie about where they're from -- "Chicago... Just outside of Chicago... Milwaukee"; everything's healthy if you put it in pita bread; in hotels, blows his nose on the comforter; eloquent people become morons when writing postcards ("This city's got buildings. I like food. Bye"); figures the manatee got nicknamed the sea cow when it first moved to the ocean, and that's what the other animals called it; things the manatee looks like a guest on the Ricki Lake Show: "Listen, sea pig--" "I'm a manatee!" "You gotta get a job." "I live in the ocean!" "Whatever, talk to my hand." Note: Jim's bit about the manatee is by far the most asked-about bit of any episode; I get about an e-mail a week asking which episode it's from.

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