Eric D. Snider


Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist - 313

Episode #32


Season 3: 3/9/97

While in the bathtub, Ben gets a phone call ("Stop joking, Dad." "It had to happen sometime, Ben!"). It's Ann Howard, from high school ("She's still in high school?"), and there's a five-year reunion coming up. Ben is afraid to go. "They don't need me anymore," he says. "They never needed you," replies his father. Katz tells Julie and Stan that Ben thinks he wasn't there for him after the divorce, even though his mom -- whose name is Roz, we learn -- abandoned him. Ben finally goes to the reunion and loves it.

  • Dom Irrera: Forgot his shoes at home; punched his cat in the neck ("You'd be surprised how much 'give' their little kitty necks have"); the cat peed in his gym bag ("We've all done that"); tries to get Katz to drink beer with him; asks if Katz loves him, and he will adopt him; Katz gives him a ride home over the closing credits.
  • Lisa Kudrow: Literally phones in her performance; says she lied to her old therapist a lot; gets a phone call on her cell phone from a co-worker, Michael, whom she's having trouble with; Katz tries to coach her on dealing with him.

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