Eric D. Snider

The Particle Board

Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist - 209

Episode #15

"The Particle Board"

Season 2: 4/21/96

Katz wants to put up shelves and convinces the reluctant Ben ("That's a bad idea, Dad. We don't do those kinds of things") to help. Ben goes wild at the hardware store, buying lots of unnecessary stuff, including a nailgun, which he breaks through mis-use and can't return. Ben: "Don't nail your shoes to the floor." Katz: "I feel like I'm aging right in front of my own eyes. Ben brags to Laura about the intended project, noting that "things are going to get a little sweaty" ("There goes lunch," she returns). They finally build the shelves, and they're lop-sided, and the whole thing's a waste, though they don't admit it. We learn Katz once lived on a commune, where he and 17 others shared an A-frame. ("We grew our own fungus," he says wistfully.)

  • Marc Maron: He's paranoid; says all religions are corporate; wants to know why they want your name at Radio Shack ("I'm buying batteries!"); most people believe in God "just in case"; God doesn't talk to people like he used to, unless it's to those crazy guys on the street who you think are talking to themselves ("they're not crazy; they're reluctant prophets"); homeless people selling useless stuff; friend kept bugging him to "get on the 'Net," which he finally did, entering a chat room where the first thing somebody said was, "Do you like dogs?"
  • Eddie Brill: In playing cards, "Who the hell is the Jack?"; doesn't like that anchormen are celebrities; thinks it's pointless when they announce they're filling in for someone else ("Who cares?"); the weathermen "just point to stuff and make it up" while the junior weathermen have to go outside and "interview the blizzard," or whatever; why does the post office advertise stamps on TV?; the yellow pages are labeled wrong: clothing = "apparel"; bar = "tavern" ("I want a drink, I don't want to meet Davy Crockett").

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