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# Column Title Description Date Angry
5 Actual News from Actual Newspapers Actual news from actual newspapers 07/25/1990 No Angry
30 Advice for the Lovelorn How to get a Valentine 02/13/1991 No Angry
58 Anecdote for the Poison Random amusing anecdotes 10/16/1991 No Angry
37.5 Authentic Colonial Humor An amusing anecdote in Colonial Williamsburg 12/31/1969 No Angry
53 Baby's First Ticket Eric gets a ticket for turning left 09/11/1991 No Angry
32 Bard to Death Shakespeare and stuff 02/27/1991 No Angry
2 Barfully Glad to See You Carnival comes to town 06/13/1990 No Angry
1 The Blame Game People blame others for their own stupid kids 06/06/1990 No Angry
41 Broken Prom-ises Deciding to go to Prom 06/05/1991 No Angry
84 BYU Cavalcade of Traditions BYU traditions, and the Phantom of the Basement 09/30/1992 No Angry
85 BYU: Bad Stuff Happen Here Dangerous things at BYU 10/07/1992 No Angry
36 Call Me Irresponsible Aaron's parents think I'm irresponsible 04/17/1991 No Angry
74 Carnival Blows Chunks Going on carnival rides 04/01/1992 No Angry
39 Chemical Retraction High school chemistry class 05/22/1991 No Angry
51 Columnists on Ice Ice skating 08/28/1991 No Angry
37.6 Controversy, Shmontroversy Fallout from the legendary April Fools issue of the school paper 12/31/1969 No Angry
35 Country Roads Take Me Nowhere Trying to find the person behind "Clinton Keith Road" 04/10/1991 No Angry
75 The Crappiest Place on Earth Disneyland 04/08/1992 No Angry
77.5 The Day After Post-Rodney King violence at high school 05/06/1992 No Angry
52 Dog Tired Dog-related anecdotes 09/04/1991 No Angry
65 Drinky the Drunk Guy Drinking, for whatever reason 12/04/1991 No Angry
37 The East Coast Jokes are Hip School trip to D.C. and New York City 05/01/1991 Angry
50.5 Falling Down Going Bungee jumping on assignment 08/21/1991 No Angry
50 A Fiftieth Column Retrospective Highlights from the first 49 columns 08/21/1991 No Angry
59 Football and Gang Violence: American Traditions Post-football celebration marred by gangs 10/23/1991 No Angry
3 Genealogy, I am Spewing It Eric's family history 07/11/1990 No Angry
79 Getting Gradually Worse Graduation ceremonies 07/29/1992 No Angry
28 Going Downhill Fast Skiing 01/30/1991 No Angry
16 Halloweenie Eric struggles to write a Halloween column 10/31/1990 No Angry
66 A Heavy Subject Fat people 12/11/1991 Angry
34 Hi Ate Us Why I took a month off from writing 04/03/1991 No Angry
42 The High Cost of Prom-ing Expensiveness of Prom 06/19/1991 No Angry
19 The Homecoming Queen's Got a BRRRRRAAAAPPP! Homecoming queen burping contest 11/21/1990 No Angry
88 Homedumbing Huge dinner bill for Homecoming 11/11/1992 No Angry
57 How Do I Irritate Thee? Let Me Count the Ways 14,000 things to be irritated about 10/09/1991 No Angry
82 A Humor Column The varieties of Humor Impairment 08/26/1992 No Angry
31 I Feel Eric Move under My Feet Earthquake safety 02/20/1991 No Angry
83 I Have No Class Summary of first semester BYU classes 09/23/1992 Angry
15 I Manage to Screw Things up Eric has to be a manager for a volleyball team 10/24/1990 No Angry
26 I Was Lucky, Butt.... Ditching school to see Mark & Brian 01/16/1991 No Angry
71 It's All Greek to Me! and Other Obvious One-Liners Seeing a Greek tragedy performed 02/12/1992 No Angry
44 Japan Gets a Bad Rap Going to a TV taping of a dumb rap music show 07/10/1991 No Angry
87 Jumping through the Hoopla Hoopla and ceremony surrounding Homecoming 11/04/1992 No Angry
8 The Kernville Horror Part 1 White-water rafting on the Kern River 08/22/1990 No Angry
9 The Kernville Horror Part 2 White-water rafting on the Kern River 08/29/1990 No Angry
10 Larry Parker Got Me Nothing Daytime TV 09/05/1990 No Angry
13 Laying Down Some New Facade Elsinore High School tries to make itself look better 10/03/1990 No Angry
56 A Lesson in Friendship Warning: Not funny! Actually quite serious! 10/02/1991 No Angry
27 Life of a Columnist Not Too Earth-Shaking Just like it says 01/23/1991 No Angry
61 The Main Problem City's misguided attempt to "fix" Main Street 11/06/1991 No Angry

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