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# Column Title Description Date Angry
47 Shame Goes on Game Shows Going to a TV taping of an awful game show 07/31/1991 No Angry
48 Mary Hart Failure Mary Hart's voice causes seizures 08/07/1991 No Angry
49 Tae One on Visiting a Tae Kwon Do lesson 08/14/1991 No Angry
50 A Fiftieth Column Retrospective Highlights from the first 49 columns 08/21/1991 No Angry
50.5 Falling Down Going Bungee jumping on assignment 08/21/1991 No Angry
51 Columnists on Ice Ice skating 08/28/1991 No Angry
52 Dog Tired Dog-related anecdotes 09/04/1991 No Angry
53 Baby's First Ticket Eric gets a ticket for turning left 09/11/1991 No Angry
54 Traffic School House Rock Traffic school 09/18/1991 No Angry
55 Stress Code High school's new, strange dress code 09/25/1991 No Angry
56 A Lesson in Friendship Warning: Not funny! Actually quite serious! 10/02/1991 No Angry
57 How Do I Irritate Thee? Let Me Count the Ways 14,000 things to be irritated about 10/09/1991 No Angry
58 Anecdote for the Poison Random amusing anecdotes 10/16/1991 No Angry
59 Football and Gang Violence: American Traditions Post-football celebration marred by gangs 10/23/1991 No Angry
60 Make a Run for the Bother Taco Bell on a date 10/30/1991 No Angry
61 The Main Problem City's misguided attempt to "fix" Main Street 11/06/1991 No Angry
62 People I've Angered Home-economic "moms" and football players, to be specific 11/13/1991 No Angry
63 Widespread 'Rumors' Eric stars in a play called "Rumors" 11/20/1991 No Angry
64 We Gather Together to Ask for Digressing Thanksgiving 11/27/1991 No Angry
65 Drinky the Drunk Guy Drinking, for whatever reason 12/04/1991 No Angry
66 A Heavy Subject Fat people 12/11/1991 Angry
66.5 Whee! The People! Summary of the Bill of Rights 12/11/1991 No Angry
67 Meeting Our Quote-a Eric and his friend produce a calendar 12/18/1991 No Angry
68 A Traditional Christmas Snider family traditions 12/25/1991 No Angry
69 Resolutions, an Anecdote, and a Duck's Skull is Quacked up Just what the title says 01/01/1992 No Angry
70 Why Theater Sucks Categories of theater 01/15/1992 Angry
71 It's All Greek to Me! and Other Obvious One-Liners Seeing a Greek tragedy performed 02/12/1992 No Angry
72 The Stepford City Council The City Council gets replaced by robots 03/11/1992 No Angry
73 Rushing to Meet My Doom Going to a Rush concert 03/18/1992 No Angry
74 Carnival Blows Chunks Going on carnival rides 04/01/1992 No Angry
75 The Crappiest Place on Earth Disneyland 04/08/1992 No Angry
76 Sing Us Some Death, Mr. Piano Man Getting knocked unconscious by a piano 04/15/1992 No Angry
77 You're Camping My Style Four men, camping 05/06/1992 No Angry
77.5 The Day After Post-Rodney King violence at high school 05/06/1992 No Angry
78 Stuck between a Rock and a Rock Rock-climbing and rappelling 06/03/1992 No Angry
79 Getting Gradually Worse Graduation ceremonies 07/29/1992 No Angry
80 Mucho De Niro Terrified by "Cape Fear" 08/12/1992 No Angry
81 No Laughlin Matter (or, Fire at Will!) Boating in Laughlin, Nevada 08/19/1992 No Angry
82 A Humor Column The varieties of Humor Impairment 08/26/1992 No Angry
83 I Have No Class Summary of first semester BYU classes 09/23/1992 Angry
84 BYU Cavalcade of Traditions BYU traditions, and the Phantom of the Basement 09/30/1992 No Angry
85 BYU: Bad Stuff Happen Here Dangerous things at BYU 10/07/1992 No Angry
86 What a Long Bus Trip It's Been Taking the bus to Los Angeles 10/21/1992 No Angry
87 Jumping through the Hoopla Hoopla and ceremony surrounding Homecoming 11/04/1992 No Angry
88 Homedumbing Huge dinner bill for Homecoming 11/11/1992 No Angry

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