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Movie Title Rating Grade Date
A Lot Like Love PG-13 B- 04/22/2005
Love, Ludlow R B- 01/22/2005
Matando Cabos (Spanish) R B- 08/26/2005
Melinda and Melinda PG-13 B- 03/18/2005
MirrorMask PG B- 09/30/2005
Mobsters and Mormons PG B- 09/09/2005
Must Love Dogs PG-13 B- 07/29/2005
My Summer of Love R B- 06/17/2005
Nina's Tragedies (Hebrew) R B- 03/25/2005
North Country R B- 10/21/2005
Pure R B- 06/10/2005
Rize (documentary) PG-13 B- 06/24/2005
Saint Ralph PG-13 B- 08/05/2005
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants PG B- 06/01/2005
The Skeleton Key PG-13 B- 08/12/2005
The Squid and the Whale R B- 10/05/2005
Syriana R B- 11/23/2005
Touch the Sound (documentary) Not Rated B- 09/07/2005
Travellers & Magicians (Dzongkha) Not Rated B- 01/28/2005
Waiting... R B- 10/07/2005
Waterborne R B- 03/11/2005
Wedding Crashers R B- 07/15/2005
Wolf Creek R B- 12/25/2005
Yours, Mine & Ours PG B- 11/23/2005
Apres Vous (French) R C+ 06/03/2005
Assault on Precinct 13 R C+ 01/19/2005
Bad News Bears PG-13 C+ 07/22/2005
The Ballad of Jack and Rose R C+ 03/25/2005
Because of Winn-Dixie PG C+ 02/18/2005
Bee Season PG-13 C+ 11/18/2005
Casanova R C+ 12/25/2005
Coach Carter PG-13 C+ 01/14/2005
Crash R C+ 05/06/2005
Dark Water PG-13 C+ 07/08/2005
Dead & Breakfast R C+ 08/19/2005
Firefly Not Rated C+ 06/11/2005
First Descent (documentary) PG-13 C+ 12/02/2005
Forty Shades of Blue R C+ 09/28/2005
Frozen Angels (documentary) Not Rated C+ 01/22/2005
The Great Raid R C+ 08/12/2005
Guess Who PG-13 C+ 03/25/2005
Gunner Palace (documentary) PG-13 C+ 03/04/2005
Head-On (German) R C+ 01/21/2005
Herbie: Fully Loaded G C+ 06/22/2005
House of D PG-13 C+ 04/15/2005
Hustle & Flow R C+ 07/22/2005
Kingdom of Heaven R C+ 05/06/2005
Red Eye PG-13 C+ 08/19/2005
Robots PG C+ 03/11/2005
Sahara PG-13 C+ 04/08/2005

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