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Movie Title Rating Grade Date
Sons of Provo PG C+ 02/04/2005
Transporter 2 PG-13 C+ 09/02/2005
Two for the Money R C+ 10/07/2005
When Zachary Beaver Came to Town PG C+ 01/21/2005
Where the Truth Lies Not Rated C+ 10/14/2005
Winter Solstice R C+ 04/08/2005
The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl in 3-D PG C 06/10/2005
Aeon Flux PG-13 C 12/02/2005
The Amityville Horror R C 04/15/2005
The Baxter PG-13 C 08/26/2005
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe PG C 12/09/2005
Cry_Wolf PG-13 C 09/16/2005
The Exorcism of Emily Rose PG-13 C 09/09/2005
Fear X PG-13 C 01/28/2005
The Game of Their Lives PG C 04/22/2005
The Greatest Game Ever Played PG C 09/30/2005
Hide and Seek R C 01/28/2005
In My Country R C 03/11/2005
The Jacket R C 03/04/2005
Last Days R C 07/22/2005
The Libertine R C 11/25/2005
Madagascar PG C 05/27/2005
Man of the House PG-13 C 02/25/2005
Margaret Cho: Assassin Not Rated C 09/02/2005
Mindhunters R C 05/13/2005
Nine Lives R C 10/14/2005
Palindromes R C 04/13/2005
Pretty Persuasion R C 08/12/2005
Racing Stripes PG C 01/14/2005
Rent PG-13 C 11/23/2005
The Ring Two PG-13 C 03/18/2005
Roll Bounce PG-13 C 09/23/2005
Rumor Has It... PG-13 C 12/25/2005
Saw II R C 10/28/2005
Sky Blue Not Rated C 04/15/2005
Son of the Mask PG C 02/18/2005
A Sound of Thunder PG-13 C 09/02/2005
Uncle Nino PG C 02/11/2005
What Is It? Not Rated C 02/25/2005
White Noise PG-13 C 01/07/2005
Cursed PG-13 C- 02/25/2005
Domino R C- 10/14/2005
The Dukes of Hazzard PG-13 C- 08/05/2005
Elektra PG-13 C- 01/14/2005
Get Rich or Die Tryin' R C- 11/09/2005
Her Majesty PG C- 02/18/2005
High Tension (French) R C- 06/10/2005
Intimate Stories (Spanish) Not Rated C- 03/04/2005
Into the Blue PG-13 C- 09/30/2005
Little Athens R C- 06/11/2005

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