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Movie Title Rating Grade Date
Cars G B- 06/09/2006
Charlotte's Web G C+ 12/15/2006
Doogal G D 02/24/2006
Everyone's Hero G C 09/15/2006
The Santa Clause 3 G C- 11/03/2006
The Wild G D 04/14/2006
Akeelah and the Bee PG C- 04/28/2006
All Aboard! Rosie's Family Cruise (documentary) PG C- 04/06/2006
The Ant Bully PG B 07/28/2006
Aquamarine PG B- 03/03/2006
Barnyard PG B- 08/04/2006
Church Ball PG B- 03/17/2006
Deck the Halls PG F 11/22/2006
Eight Below PG C 02/17/2006
Eragon PG C- 12/15/2006
Flicka PG C 10/20/2006
Flushed Away PG B 11/03/2006
Glory Road PG C+ 01/13/2006
Goal! The Dream Begins PG C+ 05/12/2006
Happy Feet PG B 11/17/2006
Hoodwinked PG C+ 01/13/2006
Hoot PG B- 05/05/2006
How to Eat Fried Worms PG B- 08/25/2006
Ice Age: The Meltdown PG B 03/31/2006
An Inconvenient Truth (documentary) PG B+ 05/24/2006
Invincible PG B+ 08/25/2006
The Lake House PG B 06/16/2006
Material Girls PG F 08/18/2006
Miss Potter PG C 12/29/2006
Monster House PG C+ 07/21/2006
Nacho Libre PG B- 06/16/2006
Nanny McPhee PG B+ 01/27/2006
The Nativity Story PG B- 12/01/2006
Neil Young: Heart of Gold (documentary) PG A 02/24/2006
Night at the Museum PG B- 12/22/2006
Open Season PG C+ 09/29/2006
Over the Hedge PG B+ 05/19/2006
The Pink Panther PG D 02/10/2006
Rocky Balboa PG B+ 12/20/2006
RV PG C 04/28/2006
The Shaggy Dog PG D 03/10/2006
Suits on the Loose PG C 02/03/2006
Unaccompanied Minors PG B- 12/08/2006
We Are Marshall PG B 12/22/2006
Wordplay (documentary) PG B+ 06/16/2006
Zoom PG F 08/11/2006
16 Blocks PG-13 C+ 03/03/2006
Accepted PG-13 B 08/18/2006
All the King's Men PG-13 C 09/22/2006
American Dreamz PG-13 B- 04/21/2006

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