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Movie Title Rating Grade Date
Accepted PG-13 B 08/18/2006
Adam & Steve R C 03/31/2006
Akeelah and the Bee PG C- 04/28/2006
Al Franken: God Spoke (documentary) Not Rated B- 09/13/2006
All Aboard! Rosie's Family Cruise (documentary) PG C- 04/06/2006
All the King's Men PG-13 C 09/22/2006
American Dreamz PG-13 B- 04/21/2006
American Hardcore (documentary) R C 09/22/2006
An American Haunting PG-13 C- 05/05/2006
Annapolis PG-13 C- 01/27/2006
Another Gay Movie Not Rated C 07/28/2006
The Ant Bully PG B 07/28/2006
Apocalypto (Maya) R B 12/08/2006
Aquamarine PG B- 03/03/2006
Art School Confidential R C 05/05/2006
Ask the Dust R C 03/10/2006
ATL PG-13 B- 03/31/2006
Awesome; I F***in' Shot That! R B- 03/31/2006

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