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Movie Title Rating Grade Date
S&Man R B 03/11/2006
Salvage Not Rated D 01/21/2006
The Santa Clause 3 G C- 11/03/2006
Saw III R B- 10/27/2006
A Scanner Darkly R C 07/07/2006
Scary Movie 4 PG-13 B- 04/14/2006
School for Scoundrels PG-13 C+ 09/29/2006
The Science of Sleep (French) R A- 09/22/2006
Scoop PG-13 B+ 07/28/2006
The Second Chance PG-13 B 02/17/2006
See No Evil R C 05/19/2006
The Sentinel PG-13 C 04/21/2006
The Shaggy Dog PG D 03/10/2006
She's the Man PG-13 F 03/17/2006
Shortbus Not Rated B 10/04/2006
Shut up & Sing (documentary) R B+ 10/27/2006
Silent Hill R C- 04/21/2006
Sketches of Frank Gehry (documentary) PG-13 B 05/12/2006
Sleeping Dogs Lie R B- 10/20/2006
Slither R B+ 03/31/2006
Snakes on a Plane R B+ 08/18/2006
Somebodies Not Rated D+ 01/21/2006
Somersault Not Rated C 04/14/2006
Something New PG-13 C 02/03/2006
Son of Man (Xhosa) Not Rated B- 01/21/2006
Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (German) Not Rated B 02/17/2006
Stay Alive PG-13 D 03/24/2006
Step Up PG-13 C- 08/11/2006
Stick It PG-13 B 04/28/2006
Stranger Than Fiction PG-13 B+ 11/10/2006
Strangers with Candy R B- 06/28/2006
Subject Two R B- 04/14/2006
Suits on the Loose PG C 02/03/2006
The Sun (Japanese) Not Rated B+ 02/11/2006
Superman Returns PG-13 A- 06/28/2006

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