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Play Title Venue Grade Review Date Angry
Two-Headed Salt Lake Acting Company B 02/11/2000 No Angry
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg Sundance Theatre A- 07/23/1999 No Angry
Victor/Victoria The Capitol Theatre (national touring company) A- 03/05/1999 No Angry
A View from the Bridge Pioneer Theatre Company B- 02/11/2000 No Angry
Viva Salt Lake: Eat My Rust Desert Star Playhouse C 02/06/1998 No Angry
Voices from Black Canyon: A Hoover Dam Kaleidoscope BYU C+ 05/26/2000 No Angry
Wait Until Dark Provo Theatre Company A 04/21/2000 No Angry
Wait Until Dark The Villa Playhouse Theatre (Little Brown Theatre) B 10/12/2001 No Angry
Waiting for Godot BYU B- 07/30/1999 No Angry
The War of the Roses The Utah Shakespearean Festival B- 07/09/2000 No Angry
The Way We're Wired BYU B+ 05/21/1999 No Angry
Wedlocked SCERA Showhouse B 01/26/2000 No Angry
Wedlocked Little London Dinner Theater B- 04/21/2000 No Angry
West Side Story Hale Centre Theatre West Valley A- 05/18/2001 No Angry
White People Salt Lake Acting Company B 10/06/2000 No Angry
Witness for the Prosecution SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre B- 06/01/2001 No Angry
The X-Mas Files Off Broadway Theatre B+ 12/16/1999 No Angry
Yellow China Bell BYU A 06/07/2002 No Angry
You Can't Take It with You SCERA show at The Valentine Theatre B- 05/19/2002 No Angry
You Never Can Tell The Utah Shakespearean Festival B 07/09/1999 No Angry
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown Provo Theatre Company A- 07/13/2001 No Angry

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