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Play Title Venue Grade Review Date Angry
I Came to Your Wedding Hale Center Theater Orem C- 05/25/2001 Angry
I Do! I Do! Provo Theatre Company C+ 07/11/1999 No Angry
I Hate Hamlet Provo Theatre Company B+ 09/24/1999 No Angry
An Ideal Husband Pioneer Theatre Company A- 11/07/1997 No Angry
An Ideal Husband BYU B 11/19/2000 No Angry
The Importance of Being Earnest The Castle Theatre A 09/06/1997 No Angry
Indiana Bones: The Lost City or Safari So Good Desert Star Playhouse A- 03/16/2001 No Angry
Into the Woods The Villa Playhouse Theatre B+ 01/07/2000 No Angry
Into the Woods UVSC B+ 11/07/1997 No Angry
Into the Woods," at The SCERA Showhouse; "A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to The Forum Little London Dinner Theater A 01/07/2000 No Angry
It's a Wonderful Life: Winging in the Holidays Desert Star Playhouse B- 11/29/1997 No Angry

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