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Play Title Venue Grade Review Date Angry
The Pajama Game The Grand Theatre C- 11/10/2000 No Angry
Peter Pan The Utah Shakespearean Festival C 07/09/2000 No Angry
Phantom Pioneer Theatre Company A 03/22/2002 No Angry
Phantom Hale Center Theater Orem B+ 08/02/2002 No Angry
Phantom of the Opera Desert Star Playhouse B 04/07/2002 No Angry
The Philadelphia Story BYU A- 06/01/2001 No Angry
Picasso at the Lapin Agile Pioneer Theatre Company A 12/05/1999 No Angry
The Pirated Penzance Payson Community Theatre C- 09/03/1999 No Angry
The Pirates of Penzance The Villa Playhouse Theatre B+ 06/09/1999 No Angry
The Pirates of Penzance UVSC B- 10/22/2000 No Angry
The Pirates of Penzance The Utah Shakespearean Festival B+ 07/08/2001 No Angry
A Place in the Sun BYU A 06/27/1997 No Angry
Polly: A One-Woman Musical Little London Dinner Theater A- 03/03/2000 No Angry
Pollyanna Villa Playhouse Theatre C+ 08/27/1999 No Angry
Prelude of Love Hale Centre Theatre West Valley B- 07/21/2000 No Angry
The Prisoner of Second Avenue Provo Theatre Company A- 09/13/2002 No Angry
Proof Pioneer Theatre Company A- 09/20/2002 No Angry
PROPHET SCERA Showhouse D+ 09/12/1999 Angry

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