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    Eric D. Snider’s ‘In the Dark’


    “In the Dark” is a weekly e-zine (that’s a fancy word for “e-mail”) featuring Eric’s movie reviews, box office scores and other film-related merriment, all delivered straight to your e-mailbox.

    Here’s what you’ll get every Friday:

    – A full-length review of that week’s best and/or highest-profile release.
    – Capsule reviews of the other new releases, with links to Eric’s full reviews.
    – Recommendations for Netflix, iTunes, and DVD.

    Eric’s reviews are still available at www.EricDSnider.com, of course. “In the Dark” is simply a way for you to get them more conveniently, and with a little more specialized content than is currently available on the site.

    So sign up today! It’s like getting a weekly e-mail from a friend who only talks about movies who you don’t have to write back to!

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