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Column post (late), and an unrelated item

Since I was late in posting this week’s “Snide Remarks,” and later still at doing the podcast for it, I give you this unrelated item to ponder. This is a conversation I overheard on the Portland State University campus. First speaker is a wispy Asian hipster boy with bleached hair. He is talking to his female friend. They are both about 18 years old.

WISPY ASIAN BOY: I don’t have style.
FEMALE FRIEND: How are you going to make a clothing line if you don’t have style?!
WISPY ASIAN BOY: I’m just kidding. I’m all about style.

The end.

3 Responses to “Column post (late), and an unrelated item”

  1. Andrew D Says:


  2. richrich Says:

    Wispy Asian could be the brand name! oh the mind boggles! watch out tommy hilfigger and sean jean and levi strauss, you are doomed. DOOMED.

  3. card Says:

    Doesn’t this belong on that “we made out in a tree and some old guy sat there and watched us” (or whatever) website?

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