Fist Fight


A Cure for Wellness

John Wick: Chapter 2

Fifty Shades Darker

Get Out

B+ | R |
"Get Out" is a feature-length version of the not-quite-joking sentiment among African Americans that the suburbs, with their overwhelming whiteness and cultural homogeneity, are eerie twilight zones f...

Friday movie roundup – Feb. 10

It's a week of Number 2's -- sequels, not poop. (OK, some poop.) Actually, the only one of the three that's better than its predecessor is "Fifty Shades Darker," which gets a D instead of a D-. "The L...

The LEGO Batman Movie

B | PG |
Three years ago, "The LEGO Movie" surprised everyone by being very good despite having the flimsy premise of "What if we made a movie based on a toy?" What we feared would be a cynical feature-length ...

My 2017 Sundance Film Festival Diary

Listen! Do you smell that? It's the Sundance Film Festival, back for another year of showcasing new independent films and terrorizing the helpless town of Park City, Utah. The mood is slightly mute...

Before I Fall

C+ | PG-13 |
"Before I Fall" is what would happen if Nicholas Sparks rewrote "Groundhog Day" as a teen-angst melodrama. The same lessons are to be learned, in the same order, only instead of a funny Bill Murray le...

The Space Between Us

B- | PG-13 |
As wholesome and sappy as a maple tree, "The Space Between Us" is an inoffensive teenage romantic drama, set in the near future, about a boy named Gardner (Asa Butterfield) who is the first person bor...


C | PG-13 |
"The Ring" was my favorite of the remakes of Asian horror films in the early aughts. I'm on the record; I'm a Ring-leader. When Samara the stringy-haired wraith comes out of the TV at the end, there's...

War on Everyone

B | R |
••• John Michael McDonagh's first film, "The Guard," had Brendan Gleeson as a racist, drug-using, rule-ignoring Irish police officer who didn't care about smaller crimes but would put forth some effo...