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The Mule

C+ | R | December 14, 2018
Clint Eastwood's 37th directorial effort, "The Mule," has all the hallmarks of an Eastwood enterprise -- unfussy direction, efficient but unhurried, moderately entertaining but nothing special -- and is, like most of his work this century, loosely ba...

Clara’s Ghost

B- | Not-Rated | December 7, 2018
••• It's a family affair in "Clara's Ghost," written and directed by — am I reading this right? — “Bridey” Elliott? That seems like a typo. She’s the daughter of Chris Elliott and sister of Abby Elliott. Mom is Paula Niedert Elliott, who was a “Late...


C+ | Not-Rated | December 5, 2018
Prolific Chilean filmmaker Sebastian Silva had five movies play at Sundance before "Tyrel" premiered there, including two in the same year ("Magic Magic" and "Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus," 2013). He introduced a screening of "Tyrel," which i...

Anna and the Apocalypse

B+ | R | November 30, 2018
"Anna and the Apocalypse" is a Scottish zombie high school musical comedy set at Christmastime. Does it fulfill every magical possibility of that delicious combination of themes? No, but let’s be reasonable. It’s a remarkably self-assured and polishe...
Possession of Hannah Grace

The Possession of Hannah Grace

C | R | November 30, 2018
Hannah Grace is already possessed when "The Possession of Hannah Grace" begins, and she dies during a botched exorcism before the opening credits roll. The movie isn't about her anyway: It's about Megan Reed (Shay Mitchell), a young ex-cop haunted by...

The Favourite

A | R | November 23, 2018
You wouldn't want to make them the staple of your cinematic diet, but movies where the main characters are all corrupt or vain are often satisfying because they let us enjoy the au...

Ralph Breaks the Internet

B- | PG | November 21, 2018
The premise of Disney's "Wreck-It Ralph," you'll recall, was, "What if 'Toy Story' but with video game characters?" For the sequel, "Ralph Breaks the Internet," it's, "What if 'Toy Story' but with the internet?" We'll get to see how our favorite onli...

Creed II

B- | PG-13 | November 21, 2018
The financial and artistic success of "Creed," a "Rocky" sequel that was thoughtful and character-driven in a way that most "Rocky" sequels aren't, inspired optimism that subsequent chapters would follow suit. At the center was a dynamic new characte...

Robin Hood (2018)

C | PG-13 | November 21, 2018
The latest familiar story to be revised by a narrator who implores us to "forget what think we know" about it is the tale of Robin Hood, captured in "Robin Hood" (not to be confused with the 11+ other films called "Robin Hood," or the 70+ other film...


B+ | R | November 16, 2018
"Widows," a sprawling crime drama from director Steve McQueen ("12 Years a Slave"), begins with a sharp, fragmented sequence that ends with the deaths of four Chicago men and the creation of the title characters. The grieving women's husbands were cr...

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

C- | PG-13 | November 16, 2018
After seven books and eight movies, we really came to love those Harry Potter characters, didn't we? We watched them grow and learn and evolve -- not just the kids, but the adults too. The prequel franchise assumes, without evidence, that our affe...

Green Book

B- | PG-13 | November 16, 2018
Racism is solved one moron at a time in "Green Book," a lighthearted, vaguely true story set in 1962, with bigoted Bronx-Italian meathead Tony "Lip" Vallelonga (Viggo Mortensen) hired as chauffeur and bodyguard for refined black concert pianist Dr. D...

Instant Family

B+ | PG-13 | November 16, 2018
"Instant Family" may not be the most wonderful movie of the year, but it's certainly the most surprisingly wonderful. Inspired by a true story, the premise threatens a sappy, manipulative Hallmark movie: White childless couple Pete (Mark Wahlberg) an...


B- | Not-Rated | November 16, 2018
Most of us don't have the exact problems that Alice in "Cam" has because most of us aren't webcam performers who make a living doing sexy shows online for tips (not that we're judging). But this intriguing if underdeveloped thriller from first-time ...

The Grinch

B- | PG | November 9, 2018
"The Grinch," an 85-minute animated retelling of Dr. Seuss' "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" -- which was already adapted perfectly in 1966 as a 26-minute Chuck Jones cartoon -- is fitfully amusing, harmless, and negligible. It neither detracts from ...


B- | R | November 9, 2018
Hard to imagine what could have given filmmakers in 2018 the idea that moviegoers want to see Nazis get killed, but hey, we'll take 'em. "Overlord," a violent, horror-tinged, sci-fi take on Germany's World War II atrocities, recalls the Nazisploitati...
The Girl in the Spider’s Web

The Girl in the Spider’s Web

C | R | November 9, 2018
After "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" author Stieg Larsson died, his publisher hired David Lagercrantz to write more sequels, like those Jason Bourne books that weren't by Robert Ludlum. Coincidentally, the movie version of "The Girl in the Spider'...
The Front Runner

The Front Runner

B- | R | November 7, 2018
"The Front Runner," Jason Reitman's political dramedy and light satire about Gary Hart, is set in a quaint, bygone era when adultery could derail a politician's career and when there were no news networks trying to fill 24 hours of programming each d...

Boy Erased

B | R | November 2, 2018
The Australian filmmaker Joel Edgerton, who directed "The Gift" and played Uncle Owen in the "Star Wars" prequels, is not gay. This felt apparent to me, a gay, watching "Boy Erased," which Edgerton adapted and directed from Garrard Conley's memoir ab...


A- | R | November 2, 2018
My understanding of battle rap — informed entirely by Joseph Kahn’s "Bodied," a devastatingly funny social commentary — is that it’s like a no-holds-barred comedy roast except the jokes have to rhyme, with participants insulting each other in loosely...

Nobody’s Fool

C- | R | November 2, 2018
Though written and directed by Tyler Perry, "Nobody's Fool" starts out bearing little resemblance to a Tyler Perry film. For one thing, it's just called "Nobody's Fool," not "Tyler Perry's Nobody's Fool." And instead of a clumsy melodrama, it's a clu...


B+ | R | November 2, 2018
"Suspiria," from "Call Me by Your Name" director Luca Guadagnino, is a remake of a 1977 cult favorite by Italian horrormeister Dario Argento -- but don't feel bad if that means nothing to you. Argento, a legend in horror circles for his genre-definin...

Bohemian Rhapsody

C | PG-13 | November 2, 2018
I'm far from the first one to point this out, but "Bohemian Rhapsody" -- a biopic of Freddie Mercury (and, to a lesser extent, the band he fronted, known as Queen) -- is the sort of watered-down pablum that should be embarrassed to show its face in a...

Burning (Korean)

B- | Not-Rated | November 2, 2018
"Burning" is a mystery. I don't mean that its plot involves a mystery (although it does), but that the film itself is hard to pin down. Based on a short story ("Barn Burning") and directed by South Korea's Lee Chang-dong, it's long and ponderous, it'...

Johnny English Strikes Again

C | PG | October 26, 2018
Johnny English, Rowan Atkinson's bumbling James Bond character who is a more talkative version of his Mr. Bean character, returns for a third outing in "Johnny English Strikes Again," a family-friendly spy spoof whose only flaw is that it has zero in...

Hunter Killer

B- | R | October 26, 2018
The rather arbitrarily titled "Hunter Killer" is a submarine movie for dads, based on a novel called "Firing Point" (another random title) that looks like it is probably only for sale in airports. The dividing line on movies of this nature is thin an...

The Hate U Give

B- | PG-13 | October 19, 2018
It takes its time getting there, but you know "The Hate U Give" is going to turn serious on us because it starts with our narrator, 16-year-old Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg), telling us about the time when she was 9 and her dad gave her The Talk --...


B | R | October 19, 2018
For maximum nostalgia, "Mid90s" is presented not in widescreen but in 4:3, the way it would have looked on TV or videotape back in the day. "Maximum nostalgia" is the motivating factor for almost everything in Jonah Hill's directorial debut (which he...
Wildlife – Still 1


B | PG-13 | October 19, 2018
Based on a 1990 novel by Richard Ford, "Wildlife" has a literary feel to it and comes across as a well-acted, well-produced drama for adults. Its protagonist is a kid, though: 14-year-old Joe Brinson (Ed Oxenbould), an only child who's witnessing the...

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

B+ | R | October 19, 2018
Lee Israel was a cranky journalist who made a living writing biographies before falling on hard times after the failure of her unauthorized 1985 Estee Lauder book, which Lauder undermined by preemptively releasing an autobiography. The excellent "Can...

Halloween (2018)

B- | R | October 19, 2018
The 2018 "Halloween" is a direct sequel to the 1978 "Halloween," and it exists in a timeline where there were never any other sequels, not even the one that erased the other ones. Michael Myers killed four people that night (that's not counting his s...

An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn

D | R | October 19, 2018
••• “An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn” is Jim Hosking's followup to his infamously irritating/amusing “The Greasy Strangler," which I enjoyed as a you-gotta-see-this provocation. I was curious to see what else Hosking could do, but it seems "Greasy...

The Guilty (Danish)

B+ | R | October 19, 2018
••• “The Guilty” is a tight, efficient, 85 minutes set in a single location: the 911 call center in Copenhagen. (Except it’s not 911 over there, it’s 112. What a country!) Police officer Asger Holm (Jakob Cedergren) is on temporary desk duty taking ...

Beautiful Boy

B | R | October 12, 2018
In 2008, journalist David Sheff and his son Nic published parallel memoirs, "Beautiful Boy" and "Tweak," detailing Nic's struggles with drug addiction and David's efforts to help him. Both books are credited as source material for the film "Beautiful...
The Oath

The Oath

B- | R | October 12, 2018
The premise behind Ike Barinholtz's dark comedy "The Oath" is ripe with possibilities: A liberal man and his wife host his conservative relatives for Thanksgiving week, which coincides with a particularly divisive political issue tearing the country ...

Terrified (Spanish)

B- | Not-Rated | October 12, 2018
Buenos Aires is rife with supernatural activity in Demian Rugna's "Terrified" ("Aterrados"), much of it centralized to a particular street (perhaps because of zoning?). The manifestations are frequently chilling, as when a man who hears a recurring ...

Jane and Emma

B | PG | October 12, 2018
Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (or MOTCOJCOLDS for short) know Emma Hale Smith, wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith, as a loving spouse who put up with a lot of garbage. Long before her husband was murdered in 1844, she endur...

Bad Times at the El Royale

B | R | October 12, 2018
Drew Goddard wrote for TV's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Lost" before he started making movies, and it shows. His first film as writer/director, "The Cabin in the Woods," had a Buffy-like self-awareness and deconstructionist attitude, and his seco...

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

B- | PG | October 12, 2018
The first "Goosebumps" movie wasn't an adaptation of one of R.L. Stine's tween-horror books but a story about the "Goosebumps" books, in which Stine (played by Jack Black) had the power to bring his scary imaginings to life merely by writing them. Wi...

First Man

B | PG-13 | October 12, 2018
Ryan Gosling is a handsome man, but it's his profile that's most aesthetically pleasing. We saw a lot of it in "Drive," where he sat behind the wheel of a car and was was often photographed from the passenger seat, and we see it again in "First Man,"...

The Happy Prince

C | R | October 10, 2018
As a very funny gay person who never has enough money, I am the target audience for an Oscar Wilde biopic. But despite Rupert Everett's passion as writer, director, and star -- this is clearly the movie he was born to make -- "The Happy Prince" is a ...

Private Life

B | R | October 5, 2018
The title of "Private Life," starring Paul Giamatti and Kathryn Hahn as an upscale Manhattan couple trying to have a baby, is ironic. There are fertility issues for both of them — he’s 47; she’s 41 (they're both four years older than that in real li...

Venom (2018)

C | PG-13 | October 5, 2018
Iron Man, Captain America, and the others in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would probably like to make it clear that "Venom" isn't part of their program (though it's better than at least one of the "Thor" movies). The Spider-Man villain, seen briefly...

A Star Is Born

B+ | R | October 5, 2018
Because of her outlandish costumery and made-up name, it's easy to dismiss Lady Gaga as a gimmicky pop star. What we discover in the sturdy, old-fashioned "A Star Is Born" (if we hadn't already) is that she has a strong, beautiful singing voice and a...

Tales from the Hood 2

B | R | October 2, 2018
••• I never saw "Tales from the Hood," but if "Tales from the Hood 2" is any indication, I must go back and watch it posthaste -- though I wonder if the racial climate of 1995 could have inspired as much righteous anger and caustic satire in writ...

Night School

D+ | PG-13 | September 28, 2018
The premise of "Night School," an overlong, under-funny comedy starring Kevin Hart, is that a 35-year-old high school dropout named Teddy Walker has to get his GED in order to get a job. That scenario, while not inherently funny, allows for innumerab...

Free Solo (documentary)

B+ | PG-13 | September 28, 2018
In the parlance of rock-climbers, to "free solo" means to climb alone and without a rope -- basically, to remove all margin for error. If you make a mistake, you die. What you must keep reminding yourself while watching the documentary "Free Solo" --...

Little Women (2018)

B- | PG-13 | September 28, 2018
(Full disclosure: The director of this film is the wife of a friend of mine, who is one of the producers. You shouldn't listen to anything I say about this or any other movie.) Louisa May Alcott's beloved "Little Women" gets an update in this affe...
Hold the Dark

Hold the Dark

B | Not-Rated | September 28, 2018
Continuing the "Wind River" cycle of movies about outsiders going to cold, sad Indian reservations to investigate tragedies, here's "Hold the Dark," another brutally chilling drama from "Green Room" director Jeremy Saulnier. Adapted by Saulnier's "B...


B | PG | September 28, 2018
"Smallfoot" is a light animated adventure set in a remote Himalayan village occupied by yetis, aka Abominable Snowmen (and Snowwomen), who have lived in isolation for generations. Though they have a complex societal hierarchy, the yetis are in many w...

Hell Fest

B- | R | September 28, 2018
The rare slasher film that's not a sequel to or remake of a previous one, "Hell Fest" exploits the premise of a traveling Halloween carnival being infiltrated by an actual masked killer who avoids detection by blending in with the hired scarers. Dire...

The Old Man & the Gun

B | PG-13 | September 28, 2018
David Lowery's last movie, "A Ghost Story," was about a ghost but wasn't a horror film. His new one, "The Old Man and the Gun," is about a career bank robber but isn't a heist thriller. Lowery keeps you on your toes if you're a judge-a-movie-by-its-t...

The Sisters Brothers

B | R | September 21, 2018
See, they're a couple of brothers whose last name is Sisters. "The Sisters brothers." Get it? As a novel, much of what made "The Sisters Brothers" so entertaining was author Patrick DeWitt's amusingly dry way with words, his knack for turning a phras...

The House with a Clock in Its Walls

B | PG | September 21, 2018
Jack Black opted out of the "Goosebumps" sequel in order to make "The House with a Clock in Its Walls," which is basically a "Goosebumps" movie but based on a different set of YA novels. Kids' movies are a good place for the cartoonish, rubbery actor...

Assassination Nation

B- | R | September 21, 2018
“Assassination Nation,” based on the hashtags #woke and #metoo, is an in-your-face, self-consciously edgy satire about a town called Salem that goes witch-hunting after everyone's online accounts are hacked and their secrets (and nude pics) are expos...

The Predator

B- | R | September 14, 2018
Unlike the late entries in some horror franchises, "The Predator" doesn't pretend any of its predecessors didn't happen, but you don't need to have seen them, either. Directed and co-written by Shane Black (who was an actor in the original 1987 "Pred...

A Simple Favor

B | R | September 14, 2018
Based on Darcey Bell's novel, which must have been inspired by Gillian Flynn's "Gone Girl," "A Simple Favor" is a funny, dark-edged, lurid mystery-melodrama starring Anna Kendrick as a naive stay-at-home mom named Stephanie Smothers who turns detecti...


B- | Not-Rated | September 14, 2018
••• “Mandy” stars Nicolas Cage, with Andrea Riseborough as his wife, the two of them living a lumberjack’s life in the Pacific Northwest in 1983. Intercut with scenes of their idyllic existence, reading fantasy novels and talking about which planets...

White Boy Rick

B+ | R | September 14, 2018
It's unlikely (I hope) that the Wershe family of Detroit will remind you of your own clan. As portrayed in "White Boy Rick," a compelling if familiar fact-based drama set in 1984-88, the Wershes are low-class ignoramuses, the type of family where the...

The Nun

C+ | R | September 7, 2018
You know how sometimes a horror movie will have various creepy apparitions, and how it doesn't really matter why those particular images were chosen, the point is just to be creepy? But then you know how sometimes a horror movie makes a lot of money,...


C | R | September 7, 2018
In yet another "Death Wish" update teaching the valuable lesson that violence is the answer, "Peppermint" presents Jennifer Garner as Riley North, a Los Angeles woman who seeks revenge after her husband (Jeff Hephner) and little girl (Cailey Fleming)...

Cold Skin

B | Not-Rated | September 7, 2018
••• "Cold Skin" starts with the Nietzsche quote about how monster-hunters must beware lest they become monsters themselves, staring into the abyss may result in the abyss staring back at you, yada yada. It's pretty on-the-nose for the story that ...

Operation Finale

B | PG-13 | August 29, 2018
As we've seen, the end of Adolf Hitler didn't mean the end of the Nazis. Those suckers are hardy! "Operation Finale" recounts how one of the Naziest of the Nazis, Adolf Eichmann, was found hiding in Buenos Aires in 1960 and captured by Israeli Mossad...


C+ | Not-Rated | August 24, 2018
"Arizona" is a dark horror/comedy set after the housing collapse in 2009, an era that ought to have inspired more dark horror/comedies than it has. It stars Rosemarie DeWitt as a divorced mom in an Arizona suburb who’s about to lose her house while s...


B- | PG-13 | August 24, 2018
When teenage Margot (Michelle La) goes missing, her widowed father, David (John Cho), with whom she has always enjoyed a close relationship, realizes he doesn't actually know any of her friends and has no idea where to start looking. Thus "Searching"...

The Happytime Murders

C- | R | August 24, 2018
"The Happytime Murders" is a dismal execution of a great premise, in which puppets (think Muppets) live alongside humans in Los Angeles as second-class citizens, the way toons and people did in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." When the felt cast members of...


B- | PG | August 24, 2018
"A.X.L.," a wholesome boy-and-his-dog adventure and an inoffensive PG trifle, is patterned after "The Iron Giant" -- a good role model for any movie to emulate, though obviously a hard one to measure up to. It also has shades of "Short Circuit," "E.T...


B | R | August 24, 2018
"Papillon" is based on the memoirs of Henri Charrière, a 1930s French safecracker who was sent to an inescapable penal colony from which he subsequently (spoiler alert) escaped. But it's also based on the 1973 film version of those memoirs (screenwri...

Mile 22

D+ | R | August 17, 2018
Peter Berg, director of good movies like "Friday Night Lights" and "The Rundown," has fallen in with a bad crowd lately, and that crowd's name is Mark Wahlberg. After an auspicious start with "Lone Survivor," each of their subsequent collaborations -...


B | PG-13 | August 17, 2018
They don't make a lot of movies that are set in 18,000 B.C. and told entirely in made-up caveman languages, perhaps for obvious reasons. Nor is the theme of "where dogs came from" often explored in film, though that angle sounds a lot more lucrative....

We the Animals

A- | R | August 17, 2018
All is tranquil at the beginning of "We the Animals" before it evolves into a gentle, aching coming-of-age story for 10-year-old Jonah (Evan Rosado), who will soon learn that you have to take the moments of joy wherever you can find them. Up till now...

Crazy Rich Asians

B | PG-13 | August 15, 2018
There are two things about "Crazy Rich Asians" that separate it from most romantic comedies. One is that it's good. Based on Kevin Kwan's bestselling novel and directed by John M. Chu ("Step Up 2: The Streets," "Now You See Me 2"), it uses one of the...

The Meg

C+ | PG-13 | August 10, 2018
Like most action movies, "The Meg" begins with its tough-guy hero (who is the best of the best at what he does) performing a mission that goes awry, causing him to blame himself, quit the business, and feel haunted. Then it's a few years later and we...

Summer of 84

D | Not-Rated | August 10, 2018
••• "Summer of 84" is by the trio of Canadian directors -- François Simard, Anouk Whissell, and Yoann-Karl Whissell, known collectively as RKSS (Roadkill Superstars) -- who made "Turbo Kid," a daffy, post-apocalyptic, '80s-style "futuristic" adventu...

Slender Man

F | PG-13 | August 10, 2018
Even by the low standards of lame PG-13 horror movies about teenage girls being harassed by supernatural entities, "Slender Man" is quite bad. Based on a folkloric boogeyman created in 2009 for an internet contest, this aimless turd has New England h...

Dog Days

B- | PG | August 8, 2018
You know those Garry Marshall ensemble comedies like "Mother's Day" and "New Year's Eve," where various strangers' lives intersect around a particular theme? "Dog Days" is like that, only not terrible! Not great, either, but it's sunny and tame and a...

The Darkest Minds

C+ | PG-13 | August 3, 2018
With basic-cable production values and an exceedingly generic story, "The Darkest Minds" is the latest teenage dystopian fantasy film based on a trilogy of young adult novels in which a girl learns she is Very Special and becomes a leader in the figh...

Christopher Robin

C | PG | August 3, 2018
Disney's "Christopher Robin" is not a biography of Christopher Robin Milne, the boy featured in his father A.A.'s "Winnie-the-Pooh" books. There was a movie last year, "Goodbye, Christopher Robin," that told that story (more or less). This Disney ver...

The Spy Who Dumped Me

C+ | R | August 3, 2018
The two main characters in "The Spy Who Dumped Me" are ordinary women who get caught up in international espionage and turn out to be -- what are the odds? -- pretty good at it. They shoot villains with relative ease and accuracy, instinctively hide ...
Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood

Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood (documentary)

B | Not-Rated | July 27, 2018
"Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood" is the movie version of the 2012 memoir "Full Service," in which George Albert "Scotty" Bowers shared juicy details about his decades-long pimping for Tinseltown celebrities. Shot by director Matt Tyrnauer...

Mission: Impossible — Fallout

B+ | PG-13 | July 27, 2018
Tom Cruise has been starring in "Mission: Impossible" movies for 22 years, and his character, un-killable super-spy Ethan Hunt, has been on the job for about the same length of time. Hunt isn't an archetype like James Bond, kept forever young(-ish) b...

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

B- | PG | July 27, 2018
"Teen Titans Go! To the Movies," the very meta big-screen adaptation of the Cartoon Network series "Teen Titans Go!," is about a quintet of adolescent superheroes seeking to earn the same respect their adult counterparts get by doing what so many of ...

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

B- | PG-13 | July 20, 2018
"Mamma Mia!" was a badly written headache based on a badly written live musical, adapted for the screen by the same people who had staged it on Broadway, who leaned on the show's built-in fanbase like a crutch. (No reason to improve something that's ...

The Equalizer 2

B | R | July 20, 2018
At the end of "The Equalizer" (2014), you probably thought everything that needed equalizing had been taken care of. Wrong, dummy! "The Equalizer 2" has non-equalized things up the wazoo, just waiting for Denzel Washington to equalize them. He usuall...

Unfriended: Dark Web

C+ | PG-13 | July 20, 2018
"Unfriended: Dark Web" has no connection to 2015's "Unfriended" except that they adhere to the same format: Both unfold in real time entirely on someone's computer screen via their Skype sessions, Facebook chats, and so forth. This structure, a refle...


B+ | R | July 20, 2018
“Blindspotting” is an explosive racial comedy, a love letter to Oakland, and a jumpstart to the movie career of its star, Daveed Diggs, who co-wrote the screenplay with co-star Rafael Casal. Directed by first-timer Carlos Lopez Estrada, the film is s...


C | PG-13 | July 13, 2018
How you gonna hire one-legged Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to insect the safety features of your spectacular new Hong Kong high-rise, then let bad guys set the building on fire and threaten The Rock's family? You think one-legged Dwayne "The Rock" Johns...

Eighth Grade

A- | R | July 13, 2018
Bo Burnham, the first YouTube comedian to leverage his online fame into a mainstream career, is 27 years old and a boy. Yet he has somehow written and directed "Eighth Grade," a marvelously, horrifically authentic dramedy about an awkward and shy 13-...

The Night Eats the World (French)

B+ | Not-Rated | July 13, 2018
••• "The Night Eats the World" ("La nuit a dévoré le monde") has a different mood from most zombie films, which proves to be refreshing. It's less mayhem-oriented, quieter, more drama than horror (though not without its horror), with a compelling ce...

Sorry to Bother You

B | R | July 6, 2018
It would seem rapper and activist Boots Riley watched a few Michel Gondry movies ("Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," "Be Kind Rewind," etc.) and decided to make a whimsical, alternate-reality satire of his own. It's called "Sorry to Bother You,...

Ant-Man and the Wasp

B | PG-13 | July 6, 2018
As those still weeping over "Avengers: Infinity War" will tell you between muffled sobs, there's big doin's afoot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But none of that matters in "Ant-Man and the Wasp," a direct sequel to "Ant-Man" that's just as cheerf...
The First Purge

The First Purge

C+ | R | July 4, 2018
The question we had when "The Purge" came out in 2013 was: Wait, how does this work? In this near-future version of America, there's a 12-hour period set aside each year during which all crime is legal. The result of this planned anarchy is that over...

Uncle Drew

C | PG-13 | June 29, 2018
"Uncle Drew," a basketball comedy directed by Charles Stone III ("Drumline," "Mr. 3000"), ought to be about the title character, a septuagenarian who was the best street-ball player in New York in 1968 before flaming out and disappearing. Played by N...

Leave No Trace

A- | PG | June 29, 2018
Debra Granik's third film, "Leave No Trace," is like her first two -- "Down to the Bone" (2004) and "Winter's Bone" (2010) -- in that it's about a resourceful female facing difficult odds in an isolated, chilly location. But where the others were ble...

Sicario: Day of the Soldado

D+ | R | June 29, 2018
In "Sicario: Day of the Soldado," the grim, unpleasant sequel to the 2015 film that grappled with the morality of the drug war, there is no more grappling. What was once an ethical quagmire is now a harmless mud bath, wallowed in by swaggering, non-i...

The Catcher Was a Spy

C | R | June 22, 2018
"The Catcher Was a Spy" begins with onscreen titles telling us that after the Nazis split the atom and put Dr. Heisenberg on the job of developing a bomb, the U.S. sent a Jewish baseball player-turned-spy to assassinate him. Color us intrigued! Alas,...

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

C- | PG-13 | June 22, 2018
Bad news, everyone: dinosaurs are boring now. People were so preoccupied with whether they could make a fifth "Jurassic Park" movie, they didn't stop to think if they should. "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom," a direct sequel to 2015's passable but fa...

Incredibles 2

B- | PG | June 15, 2018
When "The Incredibles" came out, in November 2004, it was Pixar's sixth movie and only about the ninth superhero movie in the modern era (which archeologists agree started with "X-Men" in 2000). Focused more on adventure than comedy, with bar-raising...


C+ | R | June 15, 2018
"Tag" turns an outrageous-yet-true story into one that's just outrageous, with details that couldn't possibly be true. Based on a 2013 Wall Street Journal article, it's about five men in their late 30s who've been playing the same game of Tag since g...


B- | R | June 13, 2018
"SuperFly," a modern-day remake of the 1972 blaxploitation classic -- about a successful cocaine dealer of color who wants to get out of the business -- is a straight crime drama, made by a music video director but not shot like a music video. It's n...