2003 films

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TitleGradeRatingRelease Date
.com For MurderNot Rated01/24/2003
2 Fast 2 FuriousC+PG-1306/06/2003
21 GramsB-R12/26/2003
28 Days LaterAR06/27/2003
A Man ApartDR04/04/2003
A Mighty WindB+PG-1305/09/2003
Acts of WorshipC-R11/21/2003
Agent Cody BanksC+PG03/14/2003
Alex & EmmaDPG-1306/20/2003
Alien: Special EditionB+R10/31/2003
All the Real GirlsA-R02/14/2003
All the Real Girls (2003)
American SplendorA-R08/15/2003
American WeddingBR08/01/2003
Anger ManagementBPG-1304/11/2003
Anything ElseC-R09/19/2003
Bad Boys IID-R07/18/2003
Bad SantaBR11/26/2003
Balseros (Spanish; documentary)BNot Rated07/23/2003
Bend It Like BeckhamB+PG-1303/12/2003
Better Luck TomorrowA-R04/25/2003
Beyond BordersC-R10/24/2003
Big FishA-PG-1312/10/2003
Biker BoyzDPG-1301/31/2003
Blue CarB-R05/02/2003
Boat TripDR03/21/2003
Bringing Down the HouseC-PG-1303/07/2003
Brother BearC+G11/01/2003
Bruce AlmightyB+PG-1305/23/2003
Bubba Ho-TepB-R09/26/2003
Buffalo SoldiersC+R07/25/2003
Bulletproof MonkCPG-1304/16/2003
Bus 174 (documentary; Portuguese)B+R10/08/2003
Cabin FeverBR09/12/2003
Calendar GirlsB+PG-1312/19/2003
Capturing the Friedmans (documentary)AR05/30/2003
Chaos (French)BR01/29/2003
Charlie’s Angels: Full ThrottleC+PG-1306/27/2003
Cheaper by the DozenB+PG12/25/2003
City of God (Portuguese)B+R01/17/2003
Cold Creek ManorCR09/19/2003
Cold MountainB+R12/25/2003
Cradle 2 the GraveB-R02/28/2003
Daddy Day CareCPG05/09/2003
Dark BlueB+R02/21/2003
Darkness FallsDPG-1301/24/2003
Day of DefenseFPG10/10/2003
Deliver Us from EvaC+R02/07/2003
Detective FictionDR01/16/2003
Dickie Roberts: Former Child StarDPG-1309/05/2003
Die Mommie Die!C-R10/31/2003
Dirty Pretty ThingsBR07/18/2003
Divine Intervention (Hebrew/Arabic)BR01/17/2003
Down with LoveB-PG-1305/16/2003
Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met LloydDPG-1306/13/2003
DysFunKtional FamilyB-R04/04/2003
Final Destination 2D+R01/31/2003
Finding NemoA-G05/30/2003
Freaky FridayB+PG08/06/2003
Freddy vs. JasonBR08/15/2003
From Justin to KellyFPG06/20/2003
Ghosts of the AbyssB-G04/11/2003
Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns (documentary)CR05/23/2003
Girl with a Pearl EarringC-PG-1312/12/2003
Girls Will be GirlsD+R10/10/2003
Gloomy Sunday (German)BNot Rated11/07/2003
Gods and GeneralsC+PG-1302/21/2003
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (French)A-PG-1302/14/2003
Head of StateBPG-1303/28/2003
Hollywood HomicideC+PG-1306/13/2003
House of 1000 CorpsesFR04/11/2003
House of 1000 Corpses (2003)
House of Sand and FogA-R12/26/2003
How to DealC-PG-1307/18/2003
How to Lose a Guy in 10 DaysB-PG-1302/07/2003
In AmericaB+PG-1312/12/2003
In the CutD+R10/31/2003
Intolerable CrueltyB+PG-1310/10/2003
Irreversible (French)B-Not Rated03/07/2003
It Runs in the FamilyC-PG-1304/25/2003
Jeepers Creepers 2B-R08/29/2003
Jet Lag (French)BR06/13/2003
Just MarriedB-PG-1301/10/2003
Kangaroo JackC-PG01/17/2003
Kill Bill: Vol. 1AR10/10/2003
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of LifeD+PG-1307/25/2003
Le DivorceD+PG-1308/08/2003
Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & BlondeCPG-1307/02/2003
Looney Tunes: Back in ActionB-PG11/14/2003
Lost in TranslationB+R09/12/2003
Love ActuallyB+R11/07/2003
Malibu’s Most WantedC+PG-1304/18/2003
Masked and AnonymousD-PG-1307/25/2003
Masked and Anonymous (2003)
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the WorldB-PG-1311/14/2003
Matchstick MenB+PG-1309/12/2003
Mona Lisa SmileDPG-1312/19/2003
Mondays in the Sun (Spanish)C+R07/25/2003
Monsieur Ibrahim (French)B+R12/05/2003
My Architect (documentary)C+Not Rated11/12/2003
My Boss’s DaughterD+PG-1308/22/2003
Mystic RiverA-R10/15/2003
Mystic River (2003)
National SecurityDPG-1301/17/2003
Old SchoolBR02/21/2003
Once Upon a Time in MexicoB-R09/12/2003
Open RangeBR08/15/2003
Out of TimeB-PG-1310/03/2003
Owning MahownyBR05/02/2003
Party MonsterB-R09/05/2003
People I KnowC+R04/25/2003
Peter PanB-PG12/25/2003
Phone BoothBR04/04/2003
Pieces of AprilB+PG-1310/17/2003
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black PearlB-PG-1307/09/2003
Poolhall JunkiesDR02/28/2003
Power Trip (documentary)BNot Rated12/10/2003
Pride & PrejudiceC+PG12/05/2003
Raising Victor VargasAR03/28/2003
Rhythm of the SaintsDR01/16/2003
Rolling KansasB-R01/16/2003
Runaway JuryC+PG-1310/17/2003
Scary Movie 3BPG-1310/24/2003
School of RockB+PG-1310/03/2003
Secondhand LionsBPG09/19/2003
Shanghai KnightsBPG-1302/07/2003
Shattered GlassB+PG-1310/31/2003
Sister Helen (documentary)A-R10/24/2003
Soldier’s GirlB+R05/30/2003
Something’s Gotta GiveB+PG-1312/12/2003
Song for a Raggy BoyCR01/16/2003
Spellbound (documentary)AG04/03/2003
Spy Kids 3-D: Game OverCPG07/25/2003
Stuck on YouBPG-1312/12/2003
Tears of the SunCR03/07/2003
Terminator 3: Rise of the MachinesBR07/02/2003
The Baroness and the PigC+R01/16/2003
The Book of Mormon MovieC-PG-1309/12/2003
The Cat in the HatDPG11/21/2003
The CompanyCPG-1312/25/2003
The CoolerB+R11/26/2003
The CoreB-PG-1303/28/2003
The Cuckoo (Russian/Finnish/Sami)BPG-1307/11/2003
The Dancer UpstairsB-R05/02/2003
The Eye (Cantonese)BR06/06/2003
The Fog of War (documentary)B+PG-1312/19/2003
The Good ThiefBR04/02/2003
The Hard WordCR06/13/2003
The Haunted MansionB-PG11/26/2003
The House of the DeadC-R10/10/2003
The HulkB+PG-1306/20/2003
The HuntedCR03/14/2003
The In-LawsCPG-1305/23/2003
The Italian JobB-PG-1305/30/2003
The Jungle Book 2CG02/14/2003
The Last SamuraiA-R12/05/2003
The Last Samurai (2003)
The League of Extraordinary GentlemenC+PG-1307/11/2003
The Legend of Johnny LingoCG08/29/2003
The Life of David GaleC+R02/21/2003
The Lizzie McGuire MovieCPG05/02/2003
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingAPG-1312/17/2003
The Man on the Train (French)BR05/09/2003
The Man Without a Past (Finnish)BPG-1304/04/2003
The Matrix ReloadedBR05/15/2003
The Matrix RevolutionsBR11/05/2003
The MedallionC-PG-1308/22/2003
The MissingBR11/26/2003
The OrderCR09/05/2003
The R.M.B-PG01/31/2003
The Real CancunBR04/25/2003
The RecruitC+PG-1301/31/2003
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (documentary; Spanish)BNot Rated11/05/2003
The RundownBPG-1309/26/2003
The Sea (Icelandic)B+R05/16/2003
The Secret Lives of DentistsA-R08/01/2003
The Shape of ThingsB+R05/09/2003
The Singing DetectiveC-R10/24/2003
The Son (French)B+Not Rated01/10/2003
The StatementC-R12/12/2003
The Station AgentA-R10/03/2003
The Texas Chainsaw MassacreB-R10/17/2003
The Thirteen Steps (Japanese)A-PG-1301/16/2003
The Triplets of Belleville (French)APG-1311/26/2003
The Work and the StoryD+Not Rated10/03/2003
Till Human Voices Wake UsC-R02/21/2003
Under the Tuscan SunC+PG-1309/26/2003
Uptown GirlsD+PG-1308/15/2003
Veronica GuerinCR10/17/2003
View from the TopFPG-1303/21/2003
Whale RiderA-PG-1306/06/2003
What a Girl WantsB-PG04/04/2003
What Alice FoundC+R12/05/2003
Winged Migration (documentary)A-G04/18/2003
Wonderland (2003)C+R10/24/2003
Wrong TurnC-R05/30/2003
X2: X-Men UnitedB+PG-1305/02/2003
Zero DayB+R09/03/2003