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Letterman gives Paris Hilton a good slappin’

Monday, October 1st, 2007

This clip of Paris Hilton appearing on Letterman the other night is a reminder of something I occasionally forget: David Letterman is a national treasure. He may have gone a little soft in recent years, but this merciless — and funny — skewering of Paris’ vapid, self-absorbed stupidity is a classic. It’s like an interview he would have done in the old days.

I especially love the part where she pretends to be sad and hurt and Dave doesn’t fall for it. Priceless.

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Monday festivities: new ‘Snide Remarks,’ some late reviews

Monday, October 1st, 2007

“Snide Remarks” enters its 11th year with a familiar topic: fatness and dieting. This week’s installment is called “Ahead of the Curves,” and you’ll find the audio version here as well as at the top of the page itself.

(We’ve slightly improved the SnideCast feature, by the way. We don’t have actual fast-forward and rewind buttons, but you can now click anywhere on the recording’s progress bar to jump to that point.)

Also, here are reviews of “Feast of Love” and “Across the Universe.” The latter was a strange case in that they held a press screening for it, only invited a few select critics, and flat-out told the others (like me) that there was no screening. You and I would call that a “lie,” but I think that word means something different to publicists. Anyway, there it is.

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