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Excel Entertainment suddenly really proud of the movie it dumped onto DVD

Just got a press release from Excel Entertainment regarding the film “Stalking Santa.” It says:


Stalking Santa trailer was posted on YouTube just two days ago …. We were at 300,000 viewers this morning and now a few hours later we are almost at half a million viewers(475,104) and going up.

Alot of Hollywood movie trailers on YouTube have only hit that mark and we believe we will pass half a million soon. “The Golden Compose” trailer with all its hype only hit just over 500,000. So move over Hollywood and make room for Independent filmmakers

News Updates 12/18 As of Today we at 750,00 viewers

Current YouTube viewing polls:
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“So move over, Hollywood, and make room for independent filmmakers — independent filmmakers who will sell their films to Excel Entertainment after receiving promises of a solid theatrical campaign, only to have Excel chicken out and send the film straight to DVD after all!”

As for the “Stalking Santa” trailer getting over 750,000 (or 750,00) views on YouTube, that’s fantastic. I hope it helps sell DVDs. As for that being more impressive than “The Golden Compass” (or, possibly, “Compose”) getting 500,000 views, that’s a bit unfair. The trailer for “Compass” may have only gotten half a million hits on YouTube, but it was also readily available on dozens of other movie websites, where it presumably got thousands more hits; plus it was shown in theaters, which meant a lot of people didn’t need to look for it online at all. The “Stalking Santa” trailer, on the other hand, is pretty much only on YouTube. So yeah, 750,000 is phenomenal, especially for an under-the-radar indie film like this, but let’s not exaggerate things.

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9 Responses to “Excel Entertainment suddenly really proud of the movie it dumped onto DVD”

  1. Argus Skyhawk Says:

    I noticed that at YouTube some commenters are asking whether this is a real movie. It will be sad if many of the thousands of YouTube viewers are under the impression that this is some fan-made joke trailer and not an actual DVD they can buy. Anyway, I posted a link to the trailer at, hoping to drive some attention to it.

  2. Argus Skyhawk Says:

    Too bad Excel didn’t get this trailer on YouTube earlier in the month, when people thinking of ordering it online might have had a better chance of getting it before Christmas.

  3. card Says:

    I always think it’s LAME to not at least open the movie in a theatre in some sort of trial market. Maybe companies should YouTube movie previews BEFORE deciding whether to pursue it further for the theaters or throw it on DVD. YouTube is like FREE market research. Hello, people.

  4. Momma Snider Says:

    I bought six copies to give as Christmas present, so I have done my small part to spread the fun. And they seem to have sold quite a few copies in my local WalMart, or else they did a lousy job of building the display.

  5. Neil Says:

    And, uh, where can I rent this? Netflix doesn’t have it, which means that my useless local Blockbuster won’t have it and neither will my friendly neighborhood Redboxes. Am I going to have to wait until I get out to UT to see it?

  6. AdamOndi Says:

    Well, there’s your problem right there. Excel Entertainment can’t even be bothered to proofread their press releases for embarrassing typos before sending them out. It doesn’t surprise me that they would be inconsistent and dumb in their other activities. It’s too bad that this movie has to suffer as a result.

  7. Andrew D Says:

    Just watched it last night. It was fun to point out the local things we recognized from Provo, and the movie itself was just enjoyable.

  8. amanda Says:

    It was acutally at my local Blockbuster.

  9. Cafe_Au_Lait Says:

    Neflix does have it, it’s just on a pretty long wait list–I’ve been trying to rent it since the middle of November.

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