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Angry Letter: I’m not interested in (i.e., don’t agree with) your politics

A now-former “Snide Remarks” reader named Andy sent this in response to this week’s column, “War Is Hell (at the Box Office)”:

Sorry Eric,

Not intrested in your politics. One too many ‘I’ve got serious things to say’ pieces. I just can’t take geo-politics from a guy who piles on teenage girls who like hor-sees.


Peace out, Craker

I assume he’s referring to the incident of Amber the Horse Girl.

I don’t know if he’s calling me a cracker (or “craker”), or if he’s signing his own name there. If it were the latter, “Craker” would probably be on the next line, not the same line as the “Peace out.” Then again, maybe all bets are off when dealing with someone who calls you (or himself) “Craker.”

As always in these cases, “I don’t come here to read your politics” probably means “I don’t agree with your politics.” Which is totally fine. Can we agree on Amber the Horse Girl, though? That was some funny shiz.

13 Responses to “Angry Letter: I’m not interested in (i.e., don’t agree with) your politics”

  1. ClobberGirl Says:

    Wow. People have really got to learn to proofread their angry letters before they fire them off to you Eric. What exactly is a “humor-move review web site”?

    I wish his name were “Craker.” It’d make a nice entry in the notes on your dumb baby names column.

  2. Slash Says:

    Could he be the mighty Kraken, and just misspelled it?

    If that’s the case, Eric is in trouble unless he has the head of Medusa handy.

  3. Steve Says:

    I am a very politically opinionated person. I have to admit that if I read a political statement that I agree with, I am not likely to question the appropriateness of political commentary in whatever the environment happens to be. If I disagree with the statement, it is a natural reaction to think, “That kind of discussion doesn’t belong here,” which is really just a more eloquent way of saying, “Oh yeah? Well, shut up!”

    One exception to my admission above is that if I heard a political statement preached from a pulpit, I would be uncomfortable whether I agreed with it or not. And I’m not talking about moral issues like a ballot initiative to legalize prostitution or something like that. I mean, for example, if someone was preaching from the pulpit that the property tax rate should be adjusted for whatever reason.

  4. Steve S Says:

    I’m not sure I saw the “politics” in the piece this guy objected to so much. Wasn’t it more of an analysis of why the recent spate of war movies weren’t doing well at the Box Office? But perhaps, as in that episode of “Fawlty Towers,” the order of the day is, “Whatever you do. . .DON’T MENTION THE WAR!”

  5. Zimm Says:

    Don’t change anything, Eric. Occasionally I disagree with you, but I can still see the humor in what you’re saying. This is your web site, so I give you permission to do what you like with it….

    Except Snapshots is kind of annoying (unless you make money from it. Then, continue).

  6. Neil Says:

    So, Eric, do you just review slapstick or do you also review unintentional comedy as well?

    Also, when did you start reviewing humor moves? A link to one of your reviews may be helpful, as I can’t find them on the site.

  7. Amp Says:

    I, too, would like some reviews of “humor-moves”. I bet that would result in a good pile of laughs.

  8. David Manning Says:

    The name(?) “Craker” reminds me of an unfortunate young boy I used to know by the name of “Zoron.” (Yes, it rhymes with “moron.”) Honestly parents, sober up before you name your children!

  9. gossie21 Says:

    I tend to agree with Mr. Craker. I’m not a big fan of the political humor. Even when Eric did the thanksgiving where he made fun of both sides equally I didn’t find it to be too funny. But I don’t think it’s something that I will quit coming to the site over. I still find Eric’s non-political columns funny.

    I do find it somewhat odd at how liberal Eric has become. I used to think he was more conservative than he sounds now. I guess too much living on the left coast and listening to Keith Olbermann will do that to you.

  10. Jacob M Says:

    gossie21 – If you would pay close attention, the column that Craker responded too was neither liberal nor conservative, and in fact had no politics in it. Eric was talking about why people haven’t gone to see the “war” movies that have come out recently, and then proceeded to joke around about the war movie he would make. You are just as off base as Craker (who I really hope is an African-American, cuz that would just be funny!).

  11. Ben Sauer Says:

    Jacob M: I agree with Gossie21. I don’t think it waters down her points at all that Craker is an idiot. Do you?

  12. Karen Stout Says:

    I really hate it when people refer to it as “the left coast.”

  13. Nate Says:

    I agree with Karen. California, Oregon, and Washington are all hotbeds of conservative political thinking.

    Referring to the west coast states as the “left coast” is in no way accurate.

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