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I’m not a sociologist or historian, and the only subject I know anything about is movies, so take this with a grain of salt. But it seems to me that this blog, Seriously So Blessed, is hilarious. It’s a near-perfect satire of a certain subculture of Mormon life in the Provo/SLC area: the 20-year-old life-long-Provo girls who marry newly returned missionaries and write blogs about their fabulous lives. If you’ve never been a Mormon living in Provo you might not fully appreciate the nuances of the character, so you’ll have to take my word for it that it’s funny.

Note: The blog has an irritating music player that begins playing irritating music the moment the page loads. So be ready for that. It’s irritating.

43 Responses to “A funny Mormon Princess blog”

  1. Heidi Says:

    I read 6 of those at a time and it almost made me puke. I think to retain the funnyness that is in that blog I will have to limit myself to one every few days. Having grown up in Utah Valley, that was just way to real. It was almost like I was back home, but somehow so much worse!

  2. Amp Says:

    This is very, very funny. I think having read any blogs by twenty- (or thirty) something married Mormon girls is enough of a background to catch the humor. I muted my computer, so that took care of the irritating music.

  3. Gretchen Says:

    That was spot-on. As a 20-something mormon girl who’s never understood that lifestyle, I have to say it pretty well sums up everything of why I’m not so sure about moving back to Utah.

  4. David Says:

    …Only one year left and I have my degree from BYU. One year left and I’m free to leave Provo. One year…

  5. Amp Says:

    Um, David…I hate to break it to you, but those girls are NOT exclusive to Provo. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE.

  6. Christina D Says:

    Lawl. That is really funny. 😛

    Although, I must say, I am a 22 year-old, fairly recently married female with a brand new baby that lives in Provo (yes, my husband is going to BYU) and my blog is not like that. 😀

  7. treen Says:

    Wow. Just … wow. I realize that this is obviously a joke blog, but are people really like that out there in Utah? Seriously?

  8. Crystal Says:

    That was fabulous. Is it bad that I kind of miss Provo now?

  9. Ampersand Says:

    treen: Yes. There really are people like that here in Provo. Please pray for those of us who have to deal with them on a daily basis.

  10. brandt Says:

    I really can’t get enough of that blog…and it’s not just Provo…

    I go to school at BYU-Idaho, and it’s just as bad here. It’s the new social thing to do, to have a blog and link to your other married friends so you can talk about how great your life is…blah blah blah…

    I’ll definately be checking back in

  11. Savvy Veteran Says:

    I know of a friend’s blog just like this…luckily this one is funny on purpose so I don’t have to feel guilty while laughing.

  12. Ben Says:

    that blog makes my tummy hurt. moommmyyyy!!!!

  13. Turkey Says:

    I would love to meet her. She has to have a great sense of humor to pull something like that off so well every day.

  14. Megan Says:

    So, its very possible that a good friend and I may, on occasion, spend some time looking at those blogs and mercilessly mocking the women who write them. Since they all link to each other, this can provide hours of free entertainment.

    I’m about to email the friend this link… she’ll get such a kick out of this!

  15. keerstah Says:

    Now I feel bad about not using my blog to tell the world how blessed I am. I am so ungrateful. I really need to work on that. And on giving up Diet Coke.

  16. AdamOndi Says:

    This sort of blog is definitely NOT limited to girls living in Provo. I have a friend who is from the Seattle area, but she and her husband are in Iowa so he can go to chiropractic school. Her blog is eerily similar to “Seriously, so blessed!”

    It gives me the shivers a little to think about it. But I still find it incredibly funny.

  17. Rob Says:

    It’s very funny, but I think it would be funnier if the writer stayed in character. It kind of annoys me to that the writer says something hilarious in character, but then feels the need to explain the joke. (For example, inserting something like “In this, proper use of comma’s somehow eludes me and all my friend’s.” kinda ruins it.)

    But it’s still very funny.

  18. Porthos Says:

    I don’t read young mormon girl blogs as a rule, but it does rather remind me of testimony meetings back when I was attending a Rick’s College married ward……

  19. Cincinnatus Says:

    This satire is applicable to mommy blogs in general.

  20. Cari Says:

    haha for a while i thought it was actually real…then i read the caption of the picture where the brunette is described as the ‘old maid’ and i knew it couldn’t be real…

    could it? ….

  21. Cari Says:

    and now i feel like an idiot because Eric says that it is a satire…yeah…

  22. brandt Says:

    Porthos –

    Sadly it didn’t die with Ricks…:-(

    Testimony meetings are the longest Sunday’s of the week

  23. Eric D. Snider Says:

    “Testimony meetings are the longest Sunday’s of the week”

    Brandt, think long and hard about it and see if you can find at least two things wrong with that sentence.

  24. purplemonkeydishwasher Says:

    Oh make it stop! Make it stop! My eyes are watering!

  25. Amp Says:

    In case anyone didn’t read the comments on the blog, there are some gems. One poster completely missed the satire. Good stuff.

  26. Jenn Says:

    I laughed so hard I almost cried!! What’s sad is that I have several friends who have blogs like this & so now I don’t feel so bad for laughing at theirs!! I think what made me laugh the hardest was when I clicked on the site, it was playing David Archuleta & then kicked into Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback”!!! Okay, maybe it was only funny to me. Thanks so much Eric for that!! I needed that laugh like you wouldn’t believe!!

  27. Red Says:

    I’ve been perusing blogs lately, and this is just hilarious. Too much like the “Seriously So Blessed For Real” blogs. My only complaint is that the spelling, grammar, and punctuation are actually too good. Other than that, it makes my brain hurt to think of the shallowness . . . .

  28. AdamOndi Says:

    @ Rob:

    “It’s very funny, but I think it would be funnier if the writer stayed in character. It kind of annoys me to that the writer says something hilarious in character, but then feels the need to explain the joke. (For example, inserting something like “In this, proper use of comma’s somehow eludes me and all my friend’s.” kinda ruins it.)”

    What’s sad is that the writer, when stepping out of character to mock the fictional princess whose blog he or she is writing, cannot seem to tell the difference between a comma ( , ) and an apostrophe ( ‘ ).

  29. Craig Says:

    Eric I cannot thank you enough for sharing that. Being 5 years out of high school, I know at least a dozen girls this exact thing. Not all of them live in provo though… The baby hungry/running through the fountain post just about made me crap my pants I was laughing so hard!

  30. Pumpkin Says:

    Oh my heck, the memories of living in Utah! That’s about the funniest thing I’ve read in quite a while. My favorite quote was “I love pretending a sugar-free soda is meth.”
    And I could hear that stupid Utah accent in my head when the author spelled “feel” like “fill.”

  31. Merkat Says:

    That was so amazing. And no, those are not limited to Provo. I’m going to school at a university with a decent dental school, and it is filled with Mormons and their wives all have blogs just like this. Yes, they’re from BYU though! What is up with Mormon dental students?

  32. Nate Says:


    I would argue that is a rural Utah/Idaho accent. I rarely encountered that “Utah accent” in the more highly populated areas of the state. Provo is kind of a bad measuring stick for the state as a whole because it draws dorky mormons from all over the world (the largest proportions being from Utah and Idaho) and the result is well… hard to describe if you haven’t experienced it.

    I enjoyed the link Eric. Keep those gems coming!

  33. David Manning Says:

    My god, the music–the music! Agh!

    Provo now appears more unappealing to me now than ever…

  34. Pumpkin Says:

    What makes you think I haven’t experienced something I claim to know about? Are you the authority on Utah and accents? As it so happens, I lived in Provo for several years, my dad is from Ogden, I spent a lot of time with my cousins in Ogden while growing up, my brother married a girl from Bountiful, and because of my degree in Linguistics I am more observant of the nuances of the English language. I’m not a moron; I know what the Utah accent is, I’ve heard it my whole life, and if you are so rude to assume I don’t know what I’m talking about then you’re an arrogant jerk. And if you are referring to SLC as “the more highly populated areas of the state,” which I can only assume because it’s the biggest city in Utah, then the reason you wouldn’t hear much of a Utah accent from the people there is because it’s Utah’s most cosmopolitan city. If you think what I’m calling the “Utah accent” is restricted to rural areas, then you must think Odgen, Bountiful, Farmington, Provo, Orem, Kaysville, etc. are all “rural.”

  35. Eric D. Snider Says:

    And Pumpkin wins this week’s award for Most Combative Response to an Innocuous Remark! Your bottle of chill pills is in the mail!

  36. Pumpkin Says:

    Thanks, but my regular dosage of Cymbalta should do nicely. Just send the award. :)
    And in my defense, I don’t think his remarks were particularly innocuous. If I had made a comment about some fact or opinion and someone had proven me wrong, I would have been fine with it and grateful for the accurate information. But to respond to my comment about remembering hearing a particular accent by saying “hard to describe if you haven’t experienced it” is offensive to me and brings out my urge to punch that person in his respective face. It may be an overreaction, but I think rude people like that need to think twice before discounting someone’s memories. It’s as if I said “This happened to me” and he said “No it didn’t.” What am I supposed to do? Say, “Oh, you’re right. It didn’t. How silly of me”?

  37. Nate Says:


    I am deeply sorry that I upset you so much with my remarks. I had no intention to offend you or anyone.

    I realize that I didn’t structure my comment all that well and what I meant to convey was not what came across. I certainly hope that it doesn’t land me on one of those bad comments posts Eric occasionally posts. I was in no way attempting to tell you that you didn’t experience the Utah accent. I was merely pointing out that in my experience (although neither of my degrees is in linguistics, so I am less adept at nuances) the accent to which you refer occurs most commonly in the rural areas of Utah and Idaho.

    My comment about never experiencing Provo was meant for the readership in general and I obviously did not create any sort of segue between audiences.

    Again I am sorry if I offended you. If you would still like to punch me in the face, I’m sure that can be arranged somehow.

  38. octavia Says:

    If I take a step back, I think that blog is probably really funny, and I know it’s satire and blah blah blah, but right at this moment it feels a little too real to be funny. I wish I taught fewer BYU students whose lives sound like that, and more who find that kind of attitude disturbing.

    Hey AdamOndi, are you the same AdamOndi from the consumerist comments?

  39. Cincinnatus Says:

    “but I think rude people like that need to think twice before discounting someone’s memories.”

    Now just change the word memories to accents.
    Where are you from anyway?

  40. Jessie Says:

    So, I was reading the comments on that blog, and laughed my a$$ off at a certain comment by Mr. Abraham Lincoln himself! She is seriously, so blessed that Mr. Lincoln could take the time to drop by her website and contribute.

    You crack me up.

  41. Pumpkin Says:

    I accept your apology and offer my own for overreacting at what was apparently a misunderstanding. I know I should stop and think before firing off posts, and I should give others the benefit of the doubt more often. I’m sorry!
    Though my dad’s side of the family is from various locations in Utah, I was raised in Oklahoma where people’s accents vary by region, education, and level of redneckiness.

  42. Carrie Says:

    I loved this blog the first two weeks of its existence. About two weeks ago, it took a turn for the worse and ceased being funny.. It’s turned into a caricature of a caricature, and that is never a good thing. Little misspellings, like “fill”, were funny, but when EVERY WORD that has it’s own obvious regional pronunciation is misspelled, like “melk” and “pitchers” and “PAL” (really?), then I grow weary. I miss the subtle cleverness that it started off with.

  43. Laura Says:

    Sure, it’s dumb, but hilariously dumb. If you read any real blogs like that, it’s downright creepy how dead-on it is. It’s overdone and that’s part of the humor, I think, since so many of those blogs really are that over-the-top. In all seriousness I’ve seen people spell Powell Pal and yes, “pitchers.” Very clever parody.

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