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Ortega does what now?

If you have not already seen the Ortega commercial featuring Olympic gymnasts Shawn Johnson and the Hamm twins, you must watch it immediately. You must subsequently refrain from making vulgar comments. Personally, I find the unwitting double entendre of Johnson’s declarations to be the least trainwreck-y part of the commercial’s overall embarrassment.

Also: How did Paul and Morgan Hamm, who are twins and grew up together, come out pronouncing the word “Ortega” differently?

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21 Responses to “Ortega does what now?”

  1. card Says:

    Um, that’s what she said?

  2. Jonathon Says:

    Oh dear.

  3. Lowdogg Says:

    That has to be from Mad TV, right?

  4. Savvy Veteran Says:

    Wow, that’s…wow. Has this actually aired on television?

  5. Marc Says:


  6. Christina D Says:

    I hate commercials in general, but this one is preeeetty bad.

    It sounded like the second twin was trying to have some sort of hispanic accent while he was talking…. or something. Whatever it was, it failed.

  7. David Manning Says:

    Um…huh. This really…I mean, just…wow.

  8. Red Says:

    Yes, this is a bad commercial. My husband says, “It’s much more unfortunate when you have a dirty mind.” How special.

  9. Cameron H. Says:

    My daughters are hereby forbidden from consuming any Ortega products. Ever.

  10. Steven Gardner Says:

    I had never heard that term. Fortunately I was never tempted to say it.

  11. Randy Tayler Says:

    Say what you will, it made me crave Taco Bell.

  12. benny Says:

    Wowza. If you have a dirty mind, everything said in that commercial is… dirty. And it gets worse every time I see it

  13. Thoughtful Observer Says:

    I think my mind is officially cleaner in the mornings, because I really didn’t see much of the dirtiness. I’ll have to watch it tonight and laugh hilariously. Instead, I just feel like the ad agency should have its contract revoked or something.

  14. Scott Dale Robison Says:

    I didn’t think it was a good commercial. That being said, I didn’t get the dirty or double entendre bits. I *thought* I had a dirty mind, but maybe Thoughtful Observer has a point about minds being cleaner in the mornings.

  15. john scherer Says:

    “It makes my taco pop.”

    -She may want to go see a doctor about that.

  16. Niall Says:

    They have freaky voices.

  17. Byrd Brain Says:

    Oh. I thought she said “it makes my taco hot”. Listening to it t work and all… I was trying to stifle my giggling from the dirtiness of it all.

  18. erica Says:

    This commercial is creepy- it looks like it’s from the 80’s and the three kids look like evil midget elves. The tacos are made of baby meat and the sauce is veal blood- it must be the secret to their tiny dwarfish bodies.

  19. Ampersand Says:

    Ummm….that commercial does not make me want to consume Ortega products. Epic fail.

  20. Randy Tayler Says:

    I just watched it for like the 10th time. I think I’m addicted to bad. Why are they eating tacos in a gymnasium?! WHERE DID THE TACOS COME FROM?!

  21. notJoeKing Says:

    I hope you’re happy, I’m in tears here at work trying to silence my laughter after hearing “it makes my taco pop”

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