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Peerflix and LiveUniverse owe me money, and I will publicly shame them until they give it to me

The companies: Peerflix Media Network and LiveUniverse. The offense: They have not paid me for the last three months of advertising on my site.

Peerflix Media Network contacted me last December about making an affiliate site. The terms were good, and I signed up.

The way it works is that I give Peerflix a spot on my site (it’s the vertical ad that runs down the right-hand side of the article pages), and Peerflix fills that spot with ads from their clients. I get paid according to how many times people click the ads, but Peerflix guaranteed me a minimum of XXX dollars a month, regardless of how much clicking happened. That minimum was more than I had been making from Google AdSense, so I switched.

Everything ran smoothly. I got a check in the mail around the 25th of every month, paying me for the previous month. Then, in August, my contact at Peerflix notified me that Peerflix had been bought by LiveUniverse, and that my payment for July might be a bit late because of the transition. No problem. Also, I needed to send in a W-9. Also no problem.

Well, my July payment would have normally arrived around Aug. 25. On Sept. 12, I told my Peerflix contact that I hadn’t gotten it yet, and that my August payment was coming due pretty soon too. She said: “I’m still waiting to hear from the new operators of the network when the payments will be going out. I will send you an email as soon as I have any further information.”

I replied to say that if I hadn’t been paid by the end of September, I would remove the Peerflix ads from my site. She did not respond to that. I e-mailed her again on Monday to remind her that the month was nearly over, and she did not reply to that, either. So I’m still completely in the dark about what’s happening, and they now owe me three months’ worth of payments amounting to several hundred dollars. (Technically, I guess September’s payment won’t be “late” until near the end of October, but still.)

So this, as promised, is the public shaming for Peerflix and LiveUniverse. These companies owe me money according to the terms of my contract. Their representatives have been unresponsive and uncommunicative. I hereby warn any and all parties against doing business with Peerflix and LiveUniverse. As soon as they pay me and explain what’s going on, I will be glad to put the Peerflix ads back on my site (I’ve replaced them with Google AdSense for now) and update this post. Until then, Peerflix and LiveUniverse owe me several hundred dollars, and you should not do business with them.

19 Responses to “Peerflix and LiveUniverse owe me money, and I will publicly shame them until they give it to me”

  1. notJoeKing Says:

    Pst… you left out the word “owe” in the title.

    Bummer to hear about their shady business dealings… good way to completely destroy a business, dealing with your customers that way. Shame on you Peerflix and LiveUniverse!

  2. Tim Says:

    Awesome. I’ve found threats of public shaming is the best way to get dishonest businesses to pay up. Nothing drives potential customers away faster.

  3. Savvy Veteran Says:

    For shame sirs. For shame. BOOOOO

  4. Marc Says:

    Just mention the words “before long I will be seeking punitive damages” and presto! You’ll get you’re money in no time flat.

  5. Christina D Says:

    Yeah, I’d threaten with a lawsuit if I really wanted to get something done. :) That’s what you had to do at most of the customer service jobs I’ve worked at if you wanted a refund!

    As it is, I almost wanted to look up LiveUniverse on the internet and go to their site, but refrained from doing so out of respect for Eric’s anger.

  6. Andrew D Says:

    On the eve of your birthday, even. Cold…

  7. Dave Says:

    You’ll be getting a letter from their attorneys next asking that you cease and desist from posting stuff like this.

  8. Sean Says:

    You don’t usually get punitive damages for breach of contract. But you might get attorneys’ fees (or at least you could in Texas).

  9. Rob D. Says:

    I hope you get your money Eric, I am 100 percent for this boycott of those companies. Worse comes to worse, I want to recommend you a great lawyer. His name is Jackie Child’s, and you will be rich when he gets done with them.

  10. Rob D. Says:

    I meant Jackie Chiles………….lol.

  11. MaryAnn Johanson Says:

    I’m in the same sinking boat as Eric with regards to Peerflix/Live Universe, and I’ve given up on them, too, and have posted a similar screed:

    Good luck to us both.

  12. Colleen Says:

    I’m in the same boat. I am owed three months contracted salary – thousands of dollars – for some programming work I did for them. I’ve looked into legal action and am ready to move ahead. I am about to pay an attorney and court processing fees, but if they are going bankrupt any day now, my chances of getting any payment are slim to none. Has anyone had any luck getting their money from them?

  13. Mike Says:

    I’m in the same boat with one of LiveUniverse’s other companies; Revver.

    Right now we’re owed over $3,500 for the 2 months our videos were on their site. Haven’t been paid a cent yet.

  14. Yes Says:

    They own me over 50k, so get in line…

  15. TJ Says:

    3k+ and the line’s getting longer and I’m thinking of legal approaches.

  16. Nathan Best Says:

    I’m one of the founders/creators of We had the same agreement with PeerFlix (now LiveUniverse).

    We, unfortunately are in the same boat. Luckily we pulled the ads down once they were roughly two months behind, so we didn’t lose out on all of our ad revenue.

    Our attorney is drafting our letter now. Enough fooling around with these guys. We’re not owed as much as some ($50K! How long did you run their ads without being paid?), but when your livelihood is on the line, every penny counts.

  17. Nathan Best Says:

    Oops! I had a typo in the link:

    Note that we have over 20 sites, and let PeerFlix advertise on all of them for the “guaranteed” monthly revenue …

  18. Jim Littler Says:

    They owe us $9,000 and the legal letter is going out this week. Let’s hope some of us will get something.

    I’d like to start some sort of organization (Internet Publishers Union?), for bloggers and fansites who are getting screwed by these ad-serving companies. If you’ve been at this very long, you know that this happens all the time.

    We need to ban together and do something so these ad-serving companies won’t think they can treat us however they want–as if we are powerless to come after them.

    I’m willing to host a website for this effort and if we can charge dues or ask for donations, maybe we can pay lawyers to go after some of these guys. At the very least we can start collecting the horror stories and rate ad-serving programs so that others won’t want to join the bad ones, and the good ones will want to carry our “seal of approval.”

    If you’re interested, give me an email:

  19. Mike Says:

    I last emailed Lauren 3 weeks ago, asking for her bosses contact info. It was ignored.

    I tried e-mailing her again today, and it bounced back. (Mailbox doesn’t exist.)
    I went on Peerflix Media’s site, and used their general contact e-mail. It also bounced back (mailbox doesn’t exist.)

    Looks like they’re packing up shop, and heading for the hills. A shame, I would certainly love the money I’m owed.

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