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UPDATE: Peerflix and LiveUniverse still fraudulent, unresponsive, unreliable

I know you’ve been waiting to know whether I resolved my issues with Peerflix, which was bought by LiveUniverse, and which owes me several hundred dollars.

Actually, I know you aren’t really very interested. But I wanted to write about it again to boost the chances that when someone Googles “Live Universe,” they’ll see a blog entry pointing out that Peerflix and LiveUniverse owe me several hundred dollars.

I’d also like to make it known that Peerflix and LiveUniverse are apparently financially insolvent and unwilling to communicate with their clients.

My sole contact at Peerflix, L., finally responded to an e-mail the other day. L. acknowledges my existence about every two weeks, issuing approximately one response for every three e-mails I send her, and simply ignoring the questions she does not wish to answer.

Her latest missive reports that the reason she didn’t reply to my previous queries was that she didn’t have anything new to tell me. Obviously, simply ignoring me is much better than saying, “Sorry, no news!” People who fear that they are being given the runaround by companies owing them several hundred dollars always feel much less anxious after being ignored. So good call, L.!

L. says she still doesn’t know when LiveUniverse will be able to pay me (or the other people they owe — I’ve communicated with several). I’ve asked her twice now whom I should contact directly at LiveUniverse. It doesn’t make any sense to have L. as my only contact when she, by her own admission, has no power to pay me. Who DOES have that power? That’s who I should be talking to. L. has thus far ignored that question each time I’ve asked it.

I sent an e-mail to LiveUniverse headquarters that, predictably, went unanswered.

So that’s the latest. Nothing new, except that Peerflix and LiveUniverse continue to be poorly managed and fraudulent in their business dealings. You should not have anything to do with them or their products.

20 Responses to “UPDATE: Peerflix and LiveUniverse still fraudulent, unresponsive, unreliable”

  1. Marc Says:

    Mobilize your fan base and have them start a email campaign to the companies responsible. Who knows, maybe they’ll get so sick of receiving the same emails that they’ll send you a check to leave them alone.

  2. Andrew D Says:

    I would be worried about my own paycheck if I were L. Assuming she’s a real person, that is.

  3. rachel Says:

    Hey Eric, I googled LiveUniverse, just to see if anything about not paying employees showed up and look… you’re famous! 😉

  4. Andrew D Says:

    I guess I missed that Family Guy picture earlier. Awesome reference.

  5. Christina D Says:

    I’d send angry emails for you any day, Eric! Just let us know! 😀

  6. Sam Garfield Says:

    Contact the BBB and the state attorney general. I bet they will suddenly be a bit more responsive.

  7. Sam Garfield Says:

    Oh and get this and your original post submitted to Copy their tipline on all your emails.

  8. m Says:

    Here are the contacts for the gang at Peerflix:
    Maybe you can figure out their email addresses based on what you have for Lauren? Or just call the front desk?

  9. Christina D Says:

    Oh, and to help boost the keywords in Google et al:

    Peerflix and LiveUniverse really, really stink! Why are they not paying for their adspace? What jerks they are! Peerflix and LiveUniverse, I shake my fist at you, menacingly!

  10. Kaydria Says:

    Wow, Peerflix and LiveUniverse, how could you do such a thing? I can’t believe that Peerflix and LiveUniverse would treat you like that. Come on, Peerflix and LiveUniverse. Get on the stick.

  11. Ken Says:

    Good news! When you type “Peerflix and LiveUniverse” into google, this site is the first result. Now we just have to work on the results of the two names of Peerflix and LiveUniverse separately.

  12. Savvy Veteran Says:

    I could not be more disappointed in Peerflix and LiveUniverse. Peerflix and LiveUniverse are the most unprofessional companies that my favorite blogger/movie critic have ever worked with, and because of this, I plan to never do business with Peerflix and LiveUniverse. You should be ashamed of yourself, Peerflix and LiveUniverse.

  13. Jeff J. Snider Says:

    Just in case anyone really wants to help boost the Google rankings for those terms, here’s what you need to do:

    On your own site or blog or whatever you have, link to Eric’s posts about Peerflix and LiveUniverse with the individual terms as the link’s anchor text. So it would look something like this:

    I just read that Peerflix and LiveUniverse owe Eric D. Snider hundreds of dollars.

    But don’t just paste that paragraph, because Google will ignore it if it sees the same paragraph on multiple sites. Just write something organic with those terms linked to these posts, and Google will eat it up.

  14. Thoughtful Observer Says:

    Well, Eric, if nothing else you know that your readers care. So, chin up, and if necessary, angry mobs with pitchforks are all the rage these days.

  15. Moffio Says:

    Where is David Horowitz when you need him?

  16. Christina D Says:

    Good news! Eric is now number 5 on Google when you search for Peerflix! We’re almost there! We need to work on LiveUniverse still because he’s not yet on the front page for LiveUniverse.

  17. Andrew Says:

    I believe that you are in the United States. A possible course of action is through small claims court. A first step would be sending a letter via certified mail to Live Universe requesting payment of what you are owed. The letter should detail why that amount is owed, and also a deadline for them to respond (say 2 weeks).

    Should Live Universe not respond, and it seems unlikely they would, you then file a claim in small claims court. Cost varies from state to state, but $25-$40 would be normal. The court may mail the documents to the defendant for you via certified mail as part of the filing cost.

    Should you go to court, bring any documents you have to prove the amount owed. Bring the emails from Lauren, especially the ones about your past payments – since they state the “minimum floor” payment. Also bring a copy of the Peerflix agreement. That shows that the terms were Net-15, and they are well past that. Bring any and all references you have, including news stories, that Live Universe purchased Peerflix.

    Should you win then your money is a bit closer to your bank. Live Universe could still stall or try to ignore the court. However, that’s the way to push it via small claims. You should be able to ask some questions at your local court about any specific rules for where you live.

    The Peerflix advertising agreement did not make provisions for where any court cases must be settled. Most advertising agreements do, and place it in the advertising company’s local area. Without that, you can file where they do business or where you do business.

    I am not a lawyer, but this is based on my knowledge and past experience. Again, just stop by your local small claims court and ask the clerk a few questions. Usually they are pretty helpful.

    As you noticed, Live Universe might have a problem with paying their employees and bills. TheMovieBlog was down at the end of September. Per one of the member’s blogs, it was because the hosting bills were not paid. If Live Universe goes under then that money is gone. It happened a lot during the dotcom bust. Unfortunately, the webmaster ends up eating it when this happens.

  18. Clumpy Says:

    I’ll stick with AdSense and Amazon Affiliates and my paltry $10 a month, thank you very much, LiveUniverse be demmed. Hey – I’m paying my gas bill with my blog!

  19. Mike Says:

    I, too, sadly, am in the same boat.

    Lauren responds once a week or so, saying that she doesn’t know when we’ll get paid. They haven’t paid us since July, making it 4 months they owe us, and have no end in sight.

    I’ve shut off their ads as of 10/31, and if not paid by the end of November, I’ll be taking them to small claims court.

    Unreal that a company can get away with this.

  20. Jim Littler Says:

    I’m assuming that we are all talking about LAUREN [redacted]? Yes, this must have all been planned. They owe $9K and we have just sent out our legal letter.

    Email me if you’re interested in starting a “Web Publisher’s Union” so we can start holding these ad-serving companies accountable. Here we are, providing a product that they are making money from, and yet they treat us like this. We need to have recourse and be able to get to them.

    Spread the word!

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