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Eric’s Bad Movies: ‘The Mangler’ (1995)

Stephen King has had bad luck with the movie adaptations of his horror stories. For every “Carrie” or “The Shining,” there’s something like “The Mangler,” in which a town is terrorized by a demonic laundry machine. (To be fair to the filmmakers, King’s short story can’t have been very good to begin with.) It’s the subject of this week’s edition of Eric’s Bad Movies at, and it’s approximately as bad as it sounds.

Next week’s movie is from the 1980s, and I hadn’t even heard of it until multiple people suggested it as a candidate for Eric’s Bad Movies. It involves sports, and notice I used the plural.

5 Responses to “Eric’s Bad Movies: ‘The Mangler’ (1995)”

  1. Moffio Says:

    I’m going with American Anthem.

  2. Marc Says:

    I will go all in with “Gymkata”.

  3. GWGumby Says:

    Wow, I’d never even heard of this movie and I’m pretty sure I’ve read the short story it was based on.

  4. AWOL Says:

    Marc, Gymkata has always been one of my favorite movies. I’m so glad they finally released it on DVD. My bet for next weeks movie is “Flying” starring the illustrious Keanu Reeves. What better sports are there than Gymnastics and Scholastics?

  5. Jim Says:

    Haha yes – I bought this film seeing the names of Stephen King and Robert Englund on the front and realized 15 minutes into it that this is going to be the worst 1.5 – 2 hours of my movie watching life.

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