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Eric’s Bad Movies: ‘Red Sonja’ (1985)

First of all, you got your “Red Sonja” over at Eric’s Bad Movies at It stars Brigitte Nielsen in her breakout performance. Do you ever sit around remembering your favorite Brigitte Nielsen performances? I know I do.

And hey, while I’ve got your attention, here are the various things I wrote about the CineVegas Film Festival, some of which might amuse and/or irritate you:

A wrap-up of the movies that played there (
– Reviews of “Mercy,” “Easier with Practice” (which won the Grand Jury Prize), and “Redland” (Cinematical).
– On-the-scene reports about opening night, promotional items, and a Jack Nicholson impersonator (Cinematical).

One Response to “Eric’s Bad Movies: ‘Red Sonja’ (1985)”

  1. WiseNLucky Says:

    My wife once owned some of the first edition graphic novels of Conan the Barbarian and Red Sonja. We both enjoyed the Conan movie with Ahnold, and looked with great hope toward Red Sonja. Brigitte so looked the part in photos we had seen. So we were horrified when we went to the theater on opening night to watch the movie.

    Which raises a question – can producers and directors really not tell when something is truly awful? I can understand their inability to tell when a movie will or not make money, but surely they are artistic enough to know when a film is truly bad!

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