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Late links to ‘Snide Remarks,’ etc.

Whew! Such a day it’s been! But enough about my personal life. Here’s a new edition of “Snide Remarks,” entitled “How Sweat It Is,” about my perspiration habits.

Over at, “Mystery Men” is the subject of Eric’s Ten-Year Itch. I also have a review of Hollywood’s Shameful Secret® “The Collector” there. And at Cinematical, here’s my review of “Aliens in the Attic,” plus an item about the word “retard” being removed from the DVD version of “Miss March,” plus an item defending Netflix’s honor against a cranky old man who writes for Time magazine.

By the way, the “retard” item led, rather improbably, to my being interviewed by NPR’s Neda Ulabi. Her story will air sometime this week. I will say something about it on Twitter (which means it will show up in the right-hand column here) once I find out when.

This week’s “Snide Remarks,” including the audio version, is here.
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One Response to “Late links to ‘Snide Remarks,’ etc.”

  1. David Cornelius Says:

    Heads up: Corliss has posted a companion article called “Five Ways to Fix Netflix”:,8599,1914225,00.html

    …and in pure Cranky Old Guy fashion, three of the tips are whiny and ridiculous, and the other two are things Netflix is already working on – which he admits! Marvelous.

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