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Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider #177: ‘Prisoners,’ Fantastic Fest begins

[A shorter episode of Movie B.S. this week, with some surprise guests!]

‘Prisoners,’ Fantastic Fest begins

0:00-2:10 – Intro; we’re live at Fantastic Fest; it’s raining
2:10-6:40 – “Machete Kills”; Russ Fischer stops by
6:40-10:00 – “Almost Human,” “The Dirties”
10:00-16:00 – “Prisoners”
16:00-17:50 – Brad McHargue and Jacob Hall stop by; they’ll be fighting later
17:50-22:00 – We didn’t see “Battle of the Year” or “Salinger,” but we talk about them anyway
22:00-24:00 – Elijah Wood isn’t as short as Jeff thought he was; Luke Mullen and Will Goss stop by
24:00-30:50 – QOTW (horror movies that deserve sequels)
30:50-31:55 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

Our guests: Russ Fischer, Brad McHargue, Jacob Hall, Luke Mullen, Will Goss

QOTW: What taboo subject could be addressed in a mainstream film (like Internet porn addiction in “Don Jon”) that hasn’t been yet?

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