Eric D. Snider

It Had to be U

The Garrens Comedy Troupe:

"It Had to be U"

by Eric D. Snider, Gina James, Lisa Valentine Clark

Originally performed by The Garrens Comedy Troupe on December 31, 1969

(To the tune of "It Had to Be You.")

As a child I dreamed that someday
When the time came, I'd go away
That's what I'd do, Where I'd go.

But then the time came that I had to apply
Show my merits off to the Y
And when they saw all of my flaws,
They said, NO!

It had to be the U, and not BYU
I had to admit that I couldn't quit a habit or two

And my GPA was less than okay
My transcripts I tried, wanted to hide, my 1.2

All others I've tried have also denied.
Even UVSC didn't want me, I was overqualified.

The Y told me no, the U they were thrilled.
With all of my faults, they took me still.

It had to be the U,
The Devil Red U
It had to be the U.

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Lisa and her sister Gina were asked to put together some entertainment for a BYU alumni function, and they recruited me to help out. We wrote this parody, figuring it would be easy laughs from a BYU alumni crowd. We were right. ("The U" is the University of Utah, by the way, the archrival and perceived spiritual inferior to BYU.)

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