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The Corporation (documentary)

Movie Review

The Corporation (documentary)

by Eric D. Snider

Grade: B+

Released: June 4, 2004


Directed by:

Woe betide any conservative who wanders into a screening of this Canadian cautionary film! With sly, mildly irreverent wit and the enthusiasm of cause-happy youth, the eye-opening doc examines what a "corporation" is, how corporations are the dominant force in the modern world, and how that's generally not for the betterment of society. The conclusion: If a corporation were a person, it would be a psychopath. A staggering number of interviews and piles of footage both stock and new provide insight and provoke thought, and the whole thing's pretty darn entertaining, too.

[Note: This capsule review was written based on a Sundance Film Festival pre-screening and was published in Salt Lake City Weekly at that time. For some reason, I didn't write a full-length review like I did for the other Sundance films I saw, and the only way I could do so now would be to re-watch the film -- which, at 145 minutes, won't happen any time soon. So, this will have to suffice.]

Grade: B+

Not rated, probably PG-13 for some profanity and violent images

2 hrs., 25 min.

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