It Had to be U

(To the tune of “It Had to Be You.”)

As a child I dreamed that someday
When the time came, I’d go away
That’s what I’d do, Where I’d go.

But then the time came that I had to apply
Show my merits off to the Y
And when they saw all of my flaws,
They said, NO!

It had to be the U, and not BYU
I had to admit that I couldn’t quit a habit or two

And my GPA was less than okay
My transcripts I tried, wanted to hide, my 1.2

All others I’ve tried have also denied.
Even UVSC didn’t want me, I was overqualified.

The Y told me no, the U they were thrilled.
With all of my faults, they took me still.

It had to be the U,
The Devil Red U
It had to be the U.