2009 SXSW Dispatch: ‘Troll 2’ Screenwriter Replies

At Cinematical, I wrote about my experience seeing the hilariously bad “Troll 2” for the first time, in response to the South By Southwest screening that followed “Best Worst Movie,” a documentary about the film’s cult following. Now Rosella Drudi, the Italian woman who wrote the “Troll 2” screenplay (and wife of the director), has posted a comment on my article in which she says … well, honestly, I have no idea what she’s saying. But remember, this is how well she speaks English now, 20 years after she wrote “Troll 2.” I’m starting to understand why the film’s dialogue is so nonsensical.

They are much content of the involuntary happened one of this old film turned in 1989 to Park City in Utah.E’ one of the first history that I have written, today is to 100 scenarios. I do not understand because horror demential comic and intentionally ironic on the sense of the life and against the fanatical vegetarians us, or be considered mistaken, defective and involuntarily comic. Because it is not wanted to be understood that l’ idea originates them is a comic and ironic history. Perhaps because l’ European irony is difficult to understand for the Americans. I do not know. The title it Troll2 is not true, the just one title it of the film is Goblin, the title it of the script is Goblin. The MGM America, has changed to the title it with Troll2, not I and not even the director of the film. The MGM America has declared that Troll2 is the continuation of Troll, but is not true. I have not never seen that film and I do not know it. I have sold my history to Eduard Serlui for the society ” Eureka film” Serlui made to realize the film to the Italian society ” Filmirage” like executive producer. I hope finally that the truth comes mnemonic. You could not know it. The actors of the Troll2 film ” Goblin” they were not actors. They have been chosen to Park City, nobody of they was a true actor professional. The director, Claudio Fragasso has asked to it to recite in that way ” strip comic” and funny, in order to make to laugh the public. Troll2 is a fable for children a crazy horror, much comic. The film did not have to be prohibited, nothing censorship, therefore nothing blood that I have replaced with the chlorophyll, using the green color of the goblin, North European Celtic legend, like monster vegetarians many fanatics us of the salutista, macrobiotico food. I have used the goblin like vampiri, using the amburger (tipical american food) of meat to the place dell’ Saint water, of the , like the mortadella of the famous sandwich ” Bologna” this is the true name of ours mortadella, a company for my Italian identity, a way in order to laugh to us on, but you could not know it. They are much content that a film thus small, turned in sun 4 weeks and only cost 50 or 60 million old Italian lires, in 1989, today is a phenomenon, are content that the cast of the actors, particularly Michael and George, today make transactions also with gadget of they the production, and te documentari director ,ex baby goblin actor, thanks to my small history and the personages from me invented and the food from invented me. Rossella Drudi