2014 Telluride Film Festival reviews

I spent Labor Day weekend in beautiful Telluride, Colo., where the 41st edition of that quaint mountain town’s film festival was taking place, drawing cinephiles and wealthy people from around the world (guess which one I was).

Five of the last six Best Picture Oscar winners were Telluride premieres, but given what I know about Academy tastes and how these things usually go, I don’t see this year’s Best Picture on the list. That being said, nine of the 10 films I reviewed are in the “good” category (to varying degrees), a few of them really outstanding. There will definitely be some interesting conversations this fall and winter.

Here are the reviews. Scheduled U.S. release dates are in parentheses.

Birdman (10/17) B+ [Complex]
Foxcatcher (11/14) A- [Complex]
The Homesman (11/14) C- [GeekNation]
The Imitation Game (11/21) B- [GeekNation]
Madame Bovary (TBA) B [Vanity Fair]
Mommy (TBA) A- [Complex]
99 Homes (TBS) B+ [Vanity Fair]
Rosewater (11/7) B- [Complex]
Two Days, One Night (TBA) B+ [Complex]
Wild (12/5) B+ [Complex]