OMG! Jaymz wrote me a mezzage!!

About a month ago, I wrote a brief blog item on the show “So You Think You Can Dance?” Included in my remarks was this paragraph:

The name “Jaymz” is such a trainwreck that I think if I ever met him, I would only want to slap him. However, I found some unexpected glee on his bio page on the show’s Web site. First, in his own words: “My girlfriend was diagnosed with a disease called ‘Endometriosis.’ ” The disease is capitalized and in quotation marks because evidently Jaymz thinks it is a title. “Endometriosis! The Musical,” perhaps. Second, his girlfriend’s name is Mekenna. I bet it’s pronounced the same as McKenna, but spelled differently because her parents thought it would be cute. Did you know that having a dumbly spelled name is one of the leading causes of “Endometriosis”? How does that make you feel, Mr. and Mrs. Mekenna’s Parents?

Well, guess what. Yesterday I got a MySpace message from Jaymz himzelf! (Why a MySpace message instead of an e-mail? I can only guess it’s because he didn’t want me to have his e-mail address.) Here is what it says:

So my girlfriend thought it’d be cute to google our names together and guess what popped up! Your blog! Amazing right? Thanks for taking the time to write about us. Aren’t we beautiful? We can’t help it. And I thought Eric was spelled Erik. hmmm….Maybe your parents thought it’d be cute to add a c at the end instead of a k because then you would come before the other Erik’s on the roll call in school for sure! Maybe they thought it’d make you feel special and lets be honest you are pretty “special”. And anytime you wanna meet me in real life to slap me in the face let me know because I’d love to let you. From what I hear, writers are really good fighters. Well my friend, PEACE OUT!!!

Jaymz and Mekenna
(That’s prounounced James and Mckenna if you didn’t understand)

Good for Jaymz, responding to my snotty blog item with more snottiness! He could use some work on his form — “Eric” isn’t exactly an uncommon spelling of the name, and in fact is far more common than “Erik” — but I admire his moxie! It’s a shame that being named Jaymz, no one will ever, ever take him seriously.

There is some question as to this really being Jaymz who wrote to me, though. The tenor of the message sounds right, but the MySpace page it came from says that Jaymz is only 14 years old. Profiles for users that young are not viewable unless the user accepts you as a friend. Is Jaymz fibbing about his age in order to keep his account closed to the general public? Or is this someone who merely WANTS to be Jaymz and is already acting as if he were? Creeeee-py!