The inevitable ‘Snide Remarks’ podcast is now a reality, too

Do you like “Snide Remarks”? Sure, we all do. But sometimes actually READING it can be such a chore. Your eyes have to scan across the page, and then then neurons have to send signals to the brain to interpret the meaning of the letters and symbols and translate them into sentences. Whew! Isn’t there an easier way?

There is now, Hector! Today begins the new “Snide Remarks” podcast, a feature in which I read the text of each week’s column out loud for you, thus saving the wear and tear on your eyes. I’ve always said that if I could, I would come to everyone’s house and just read the column to them. And now I believe that prophecy is being fulfilled. We truly live in a blessed era.

Today’s episode, featuring today’s column, can be heard right here:


To subscribe on iTunes, give it the URL indicated on the right-hand side of this page, where it says “Snide Remarks” Podcast Feed.

Thank you in advance for listening! If you notice any awkward pauses in my delivery, it’s where I was leaving space for laughter. Please accommodate me by laughing at those points.