A big ol’ batch of Film.com articles

Here are some articles I’ve written for Film.com that might interest or amuse you, all posted since the last time I did one of these roundups. Which was a while ago, so some of these are kinda old now. But still.

‘Untraceable’s’ European Facebook Campaign Was Tacky, Just Like the Movie – Remember the movie “Untraceable”? No? That’s OK.

Differences Between the ‘Prom Night’ Trailer and My Actual Prom Night – I loved this idea when my Film.com overlord pitched it to me, and I had fun writing it.

‘Fanboys’: When Directors Strike Back – All the background you need on this silly news item is in the story.

Good News! The New Indiana Jones Will NOT Be Non-Stop CGI – This development occurs over George Lucas’ dead body, one assumes.

Hey ‘Dark Knight’: Test Audiences Are Dumb, Don’t Listen to Them – In response to a rumor that certain elements of the new Batman film would be excised to appease certain stupid audience members who were too emotional over the months-ago death of an actor they never met whose demise affected them in no way whatsoever.

Are You Excited About ‘Speed Racer’? – Well, we know the answer now. Turns out my prophecies herein were correct.

Cell Phones Movies?? Nooooooooooooo! – In response to a news item about a Nokia-sponsored “filmmaking” contest.

Animals That Need to Have Horror Movies Made About Them – Self-explanatory.

If Teen Girls Have Anything to Say About It, ‘Twilight’ Will Soon Take Over the World – OMG LOL.