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    All my stuff from the last couple weeks


    Happy new year! I hope you’re enjoying this “2013” business so far. Here are the end-of-2012 pieces I wrote for you (yes, you specifically):

    The Best and Worst Movies of 2012
    Eric’s Media Inventory: What I Watched and Read in 2012
    My ‘best’ film-related pieces from 2012
    2012 film titles: a dramatic reading [Film.com]
    The wide releases of 2012: a handy list

    And here are the various reviews and other features from the last couple weeks, in case you haven’t been paying attention because of “Christmas” or whatever:

    “Django Unchained” B [Twitch]
    “This Is 40” C+ [Twitch]
    “Jack Reacher” B
    “On the Road” B-
    “Les Misérables” B [Twitch]

    Snide Remarks: “Claus for Reflection” — Assorted yuletide childhood memories
    Eric’s Bad Movies: “Creature” (2011), about a creature. [Film.com]