Amazon update; shelled reptiles mate

An update on the Amazon associates program, wherein I get a small kickback every time you buy something from Amazon after navigating there from We’re having a banner quarter! Thanks to people doing their Christmas shopping (I assume) on Amazon, and thanks to them getting to Amazon by clicking on a link from this site, has made quite a bit more this quarter than in quarters past. It’s still a fairly modest sum — please don’t think I’m making a living off this, or even paying 1/3 of one month’s rent with it — but considering previous kickbacks have amounted to about $10 a month, this is a vast improvement.

So thank you, one and all, who have shopped at Amazon the past few weeks after coming here first! I won’t even make fun of the person who bought the “Material Girls” DVD, or the person who bought a book entitled “Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover’s Soul: Inspirational Stories About Horses and the People Who Love Them,” because combined, I made $1.95 from those purchases!

How do you support through Amazon? Easy! Before going to Amazon, come to and click on any Amazon link. To make it convenient, there’s one at the top of every single page, under the “Buy Stuff” tab. Then, everything you buy during that Amazon visit nets me a small percentage. You’re shopping at Amazon anyway, so why not funnel a little bit of your shopping dollar in the direction of one of your most cherished Web sites while you’re at it?

(By the way: Buying something super-expensive just so I can get the commission from the sale, and then returning the item, doesn’t work. They keep track of stuff that gets returned and deduct the commission. Otherwise, that would be a great scam.)

Oh, and to lend this post some entertainment value, here is a page where you can watch a video of two desert tortoises doin’ it. It’s more violent than you would expect. Be sure to have your sound turned up. Cheers!

UPDATE TO ADD SOMETHING I SHOULD HAVE SAID BEFORE: You don’t actually have to come here every time you want to shop at Amazon. You can just come here once, click an Amazon link, and then save that as a favorite in your browser. You’ll see in the Amazon URL that there’s some code indicating